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LU/LA Elevators from Access Elevator Are Cost-Effective Mobility Devices in DeKalb, Chicago, Peoria, Frankfort, Oshkosh, Wausau, and the Surrounding Areas

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Cudahy, WI — (ReleaseWire) — 06/23/2022 — Access Elevator, a leader in providing mobility and accessibility products, is pleased to offer LU/LA elevators in DeKalb, Chicago, Peoria, Frankfort, Oshkosh, Wausau, and the surrounding areas. These are designed to provide accessibility for handicapped individuals and take up less space and have a lower cost than a full-blown commercial elevator.

First, it is important to define what these elevators are. The letters stand for "Limited Use/Limited Application" elevators, and they can be added in places where a traditional elevator would be impractical to install. These special elevators take up about half of the space of a traditional elevator, and they do not require a concrete hoistway.

There are downsides to a LU/LA elevator, however, which include the fact that they can only travel up to 25 feet whereas a traditional elevator can travel much further. LU/LA elevators are also limited in their weight capacity as well, typically no more than 1,400 pounds, whereas a traditional elevator can handle at least 2,000 pounds of weight and often more.

There are several options for a commercial building or business to become ADA compliant. Wheelchair ramps are an obvious option, but these take up a lot of space even for a small change in elevation. Wheelchair lifts are another option that takes less floor space, but also have limitations on weight that are approximately half that of LU/LA elevators.

Because they operate very similarly to traditional elevators, LU/LA elevators are easily used by nearly everyone. These elevators offer a cost-effective and reliable option to comply with the ADA. LU/LA elevators also only need to be inspected once every six months compared to monthly for a traditional elevator.

Access Elevator knows that independence and mobility are important aspects of living. By providing several different models of LU/LA elevators, Access Elevator seeks to give easy access no matter what the unique requirements are.

About Access Elevator
Access Elevator seeks to improve the lives of physically challenged people by offering a wide range of products that promote mobility and independence. Access Elevator has a range of different platform lifts that can be tailored to fit the individual and businesses' unique requirements. Visit to learn more about quality platform lifts solutions in DeKalb, Chicago, Peoria, Frankfort, Oshkosh, Wausau, and the surrounding areas.

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