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Long Beach Tree Experts Rehired by Previous Customer

Long Beach, California – A company that has always worked hard to ensure all its customers are fully satisfied, yesterday Long Beach Tree Experts got rehired by a homeowner its team of tree care specialists had helped earlier last month. The homeowner reportedly rehired the team after being extremely satisfied with the results the team had generated with the tree removal procedure. Aiming to understand what Long Beach Tree Experts do to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, reporters contacted the homeowner.

The family invited Long Beach Tree Experts for the first time to handle a risky tree that was leaning over the house,” said Geoffrey, the homeowner. “The tree had snapped unexpectedly and was relying on the neighboring trees to stay upright. When the family contacted Long Beach Tree Experts in the middle of the night for help, the company did not even complain.”

The homeowner noted that the tree removal team from Long Beach Tree Experts was on his landscape in less than one hour. The team arrived at around 2:45 am after the homeowner had called at around 2:03 am.

The company came packing all the tools its team would need for the tree removal procedure,” said Geoffrey. “Using its crane, bucket truck, and power cutting tools, the company completed the tree removal procedure in less than an hour. Even though the tree was in a very risky position, no damage came to the house.”

To see what Long Beach Tree Experts is doing to maintain a healthy urban forest, read this story:

The homeowner noted that he had invited the team for a second time to handle tree trimming. He added that after witnessing the team turn a risky procedure into a safe procedure and charging a very small amount of money for it, he was sure the team was capable of delivering great results with the tree trimming procedure.

The trees standing on the landscape had been trimmed by a different team about a year ago,” said Geoffrey. “The previous team lacked enough skills and, therefore, ended up damaging a significant portion of the trees. These trees featured irregular crowns. The goal of working with Long Beach Tree Experts was to ensure the damage was fixed and the trees looked much better.”

The homeowner told reporters that Long Beach Tree Experts was on his landscape earlier today. He noted that the team had taken a total of 3 days to improve the 60 trees surrounding the landscape. In those three days, the company had generated the most impressive results the homeowner had seen on trees.

The team did not just manage to fix the damaged trees and give them an appealing look,” said Geoffrey. “The team also gave the trees a matching appearance. The overall look was also matched to all the natural ornaments on the landscape.”

The homeowner note that even though the company was charging a very low price—much lower than the homeowner would have expected to pay for the procedure—the team decided to go ahead and improve the hedge on his landscape. The team reportedly improved the hedges’ shape and appearance. Giving the hedge a new twist, the team reportedly eliminated the unkempt look that the hedge gave the landscape.

The team cleaned the landscape after improving the trees and the hedge,” said Geoffrey. “When leaving, the team carried all the waste generated by the entire procedure and took it to the dumpsite. This is a team the family will keep using.”

Long Beach Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1461 W 14th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States. Tree owners, however, can contact the company at +1 949-691-3726 and

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Contact Person: Julissa Adrianna
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Phone: 949-691-3726
Address:1461 W 14th St
City: Long Beach 90813
State: CA
Country: United States

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