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Long Beach Tree Experts Helps Homeowner Spend Less Money on Emergency Tree Removal


Long Beach, California – When the tree on Bilha’s landscape started showing signs of instability after a day of heavy winds, the homeowner contacted Long Beach Tree Experts seeking the company’s emergency tree removal team. The homeowner wanted to remove the tree before it fell on the powerlines, causing a blackout in the entire neighborhood. 


“One of the family’s neighbors – Mr. Jacob – had used the company’s emergency tree removal service before,” said Bilha. “He had noted that the company works on a 24/7 basis when it comes to emergency tree removal services in Long Beach. Therefore, when calling the Long Beach Tree Experts, the husband was confident his phone call would get an answer even though it was around 9 pm.” 

Bilha noted that Long Beach Tree Experts answered their phone call on the first ring. The company arrived on her landscape 30 minutes later ready to handle the tree removal procedure. 

“The company was so fast that the family could not even believe it,” said Bilha. “The husband dialed the company’s phone number at around 9:15 pm. At exactly 9:45 pm, the company arrived in the landscape. The company had a crane, a bucket truck, cables, power cutting tools, and numerous safety gear. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Long Beach did not waste any time – after arriving on the landscape, the team went straight to inspect the tree causing problems.” 

To see how Long Beach Tree Experts handles multiple tree maintenance procedures, read this story:

Long Beach Tree Experts reportedly discovered that the problematic tree could be stabilized and left to remain on Bilha’s landscape overnight. 

“After inspecting the tree,” said Bilha, “the company’s chief of field operations approached the husband and discussed the tree removal procedure with him. He noted that the team could work through the night to remove the tree. However, this would be costlier than if the team came back to handle the procedure the next day during normal work hours.” 

According to Bilha, working through the night would have cost the family an extra $1,000. However, Long Beach Tree Experts noted that her tree could be stabilized to improve safety – this would allow the tree to last the night waiting for the tree removal the next morning. 

“The husband was under a tight budget,” said Bilha. “He requested the company to cable the tree and improve its stability. The team went to work immediately and only left after ensuring the tree would not fall in the middle of the night.” 

Long Beach Tree Experts reportedly arrived on Bilha’s landscape very early the next morning. Despite the wind that had blown the entire night, the tree had remained stable. The cabling seemed to have worked well. 

“The team initiated the emergency tree removal procedure at around 8:15 am and completed it 2 hours later,” said Bilha. “By the time 10:30 am rolled in, the company had finished the tree removal procedure, cleaned the landscape, and ground the tree stump to keep it from turning into a hazard.” 

The homeowner was impressed with the fact that the tree was removed without compromising the safety of the neighboring utilities. Although the damaged tree was standing just next to the family’s main house and the powerlines, no harm to the utilities.

“The company did not even charge the family for the tree cabling they had done the night before,” said Bilha. “The company only included the cost of the tree removal procedure in the quotation. Long Beach Tree Experts will be the go-to company for the family whenever the trees on the landscape need improvement.”

Long Beach Tree Experts schedules its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation at 1461 W 14th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can call +1 949-691-3726 or send an email to [email protected]

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