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Lonestar State USA Ambassador Mrs Cheryl Williams Shares Her Secret Formula to Becoming Successful in Life

Lonestar State USA Ambassador Mrs Cheryl Williams Shares Her Secret Formula to Becoming Successful in Life

Everyone wants to succeed in life, but very few actually make an effort to get out of their comfort zones to pursue it passionately. Cheryl Williams, Mrs. Lonestar State USA Ambassador 2022, is one of the few who work relentlessly to make things happen rather than wait for opportunities to present themselves. The most recent achievement that now recognizes her as an ambassador is one of the many things in her life that she set out to accomplish despite the tough competition and the discouragement that may have arisen along the way. Throughout the many seasons in her life, she has relied on her secret formula for success: her integrity and character. 

The founder of FUNdamentals for Foster Care, a non-profit organization that endeavors to provide toys to foster children that emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, has always been known for her electrifying energy, motivation, and commitment to do things, most especially if they will benefit other people. Her professional journey has mostly been dedicated to adding value to the lives of foster children, having been a foster child herself. Over the past years, she has become an active and effective voice, inspiration, and advocate for foster children, and she has the full support of her husband, children, and community.

The Illinois-born and raised advocate finished a degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies at Kansas State University. She also possesses licenses and certifications in several helpful areas, including Biblical counseling and youth sports. She has dedicated a huge part of her life to creating and supporting programs that mostly look after the overall welfare of children. Early on, she saw that there is a pressing need for more organizations and programs that will cater to the needs of numerous children, most especially those who are in the system. 

Guided by her core values that include leadership, integrity, character, and confidence, Cheryl set out to make a lasting impact on the lives of multiple foster children. She established FUNdamentals for Foster Care that provides toys that keep children focused and engaged in their education, most especially during times of transition. 

Cheryl’s active advocacy for foster children is evident in the way she immerses herself in the community. Through FUNdamentals for Foster Care, she has managed to send out thousands of personalized toys that she hopes will help children in foster care cope with their situation as they also work hard to continue their education. “I was a foster kid myself, so I understand the need for more love, joy, education, aging out, and mental health support for those going through the hardest times of their lives,” Cheryl explained.

Mrs. Lonestar State USA Ambassador 2022 Cheryl will once again set out to pursue an exciting task that will highlight support for foster children’s self-eSTEAM. By using her current position as ambassador, she hopes to attract more support and compassion for foster children and their needs. By creating a bigger awareness, Cheryl aspires to attract more volunteers who will commit to supporting her cause and make a lasting impact on the lives of children in foster care.

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Company Name: FUNdamentals for Foster Care
Contact Person: Cheryl Williams
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Phone: 512-970-4637
Country: United States

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