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Linda Lorraine’s Latest Book “Peacock White” Spins a New Tale of Survival in Apocalyptic Times

Peacock White by Linda Lorraine is an inspiring story of survival. Set in Australia, this story revolves around an Australian family and their struggle to survive during this apocalyptic time. Through this book, the author conveys an important message of hope and trust in times when nature is not the same anymore.

Peacock White starts with simple, breaking news, which later escalates into a full-blown catastrophe. Nature is in complete chaos as birds start falling from the sky and a purple haze surrounds the sun. Stuck amidst such disaster are Linda and Jim, who are vacationing in Québec. These disastrous occurrences make them cut short their vacation and return to Millmerran in Australia. As tragedy looms, Linda and Jim, along with their family, start planning and preparing for the impending doom. The shocking events happening around them force the family to do whatever they can to increase their chances of survival. Linda and Jim also do their best to safeguard the numerous animals like kangaroos, peacocks, horses, and goats that they raise on their sixty acres of land. 

The author uses strong narrative and vivid descriptions to draw a picture of the world coming to an end. This story evokes questions like what would happen if tomorrow there’s no sunrise and the world stopped spinning. As Linda and Jim get ready to face the disaster which might end the world, the author compels the readers to think about what would happen if the world ended tomorrow. 

“Peacock White makes you question existence itself. You can’t help but think about what you would do if such situation actually happened”, said a reader about Peacock White.  

Peacock White by Linda Lorraine is an engaging read. The arresting descriptions of the Australian wildlife and the journey of the protagonist keep the readers captivated. The readers will think about the world and how transient the existence of the human race is in front of the vastness of nature. Released worldwide, Peacock White by Linda Lorraine is a story of hope and survival. A must-read.

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