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Lina’s High Energy Bad Girl Anthem Music Video “Stamina” Leaves Fans Craving More

Lina’s High Energy Bad Girl Anthem Music Video "Stamina" Leaves Fans Craving More
Rising Pop Star Lina’s new music video “Stamina” from the EP titled “My Destiny” is a must-see!

Los Angeles, CA – November 28, 2022 – Lina, a Trini artist whose beautiful looks have been compared to Zendaya, released the anticipated official music video for her song “Stamina” on Friday, November 18 under Kaybeerecords.

“Stamina” is a “bad girl anthem” that encourages people to dance and groove with passion and endurance. The song features vibrant instrumentalists and dancers paired with a visually appealing video that starts with a shot of the Fountain Square Theatre. The impressive stage performance with ballroom dancing, delicate tunes, and thrilling melody adds to the thrill and will leave fans craving more. Lina states, “dance and groove with my stamina… because nothing can stop a moving vibe.” 

Blending the perfect balance of beauty and talent, Lina’s video highlights her sense of fashion and ranges from a gold frill dress to complement high-energy moments. Since her debut musical performance at the Midwest Fashion Show at the Arts Garden in Indianapolis, Lina has been building anticipation due to her incredible stage performance that gained attention, increased her fanbase, and left many eagerly awaiting the release of “Stamina.” Never one to leave fans waiting, Lina will follow with the video release of her new song “My Destiny” on Friday, December 9.

Lina has been steadily gaining popularity and her latest music video, “Stamina,” is her fourth official release that is increasingly gaining attention. Previous music videos such as  “Nobody” and “Peace of Mind,” highlight her powerful voice and soulful lyrics and it is clear Lina is determined to make her mark on the music industry. 

Watch the full music video of “Stamina” now. Fans can learn more about Lina on her website.  

About Lina

Lina is a 24-year-old Puerto Rico-born as Karolina Andujar Achong. She was raised in Trinidad and now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lina’s career has seen her traverse different continents and cultures. 

An artist by nature and model by trade, she uses the success of one to fuel the other. After signing with Helen Wells Modeling Agency in Indiana, Lina quickly became busy shooting for Finish Line and Lids Commercial.  

Currently, Lina is balancing her modeling career with her passion for music. She is determined to impact the world and empower those who come after her. With an unstinting dedication to her craft and infectious enthusiasm, Lina is set for stardom. Her parents describe her as kind-hearted, strong, brave, caring, determined and intelligent – traits that will undoubtedly serve her well in this next chapter of her journey. 

Lina is an inspiration for all young girls striving for something better. Her unique background gives her an edge that makes her stand out from the crowd – something apparent in all of her work. There’s no limit to what she can do with passion, dedication, and hard work at her side. With unwavering determination, she continues making strides in the music and modeling industries – proof that she has come to thrive!

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