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Lexington Tree Experts Maintains a Perfect 5-Star Rating on Google Reviews


Lexington, Kentucky – Even after handling thousands of tree service procedures, expanding its service region to reach homeowners in suburbs like Wilmore, Frankfort, Georgetown, Versailles, Richmond, Winchester, and Nicholasville, and expanding its list of services, Lexington Tree Experts has managed to maintain a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews. According to the company’s CEO, the perfect 5-star rating has been made possible by offering high-quality services to all clients. 


“When a homeowner calls the Lexington Tree Experts offices,” said the company’s CEO, “the company strives to ensure he/she is satisfied with the services offered. When homeowners are satisfied with the services provided, getting perfect 5-star reviews becomes easy.” 

The CEO noted that when his company is invited on a landscape to handle tree trimming, his tree trimming team in Lexington goes beyond the customer’s expectations. 

“While homeowners expect tree trimmers to just improve their trees’ appearance and leave,” said the CEO, “the company’s team of tree trimmers does more than that. The team goes the extra step to improve the tree’s health and improve safety. By offering 3 benefits when customers expect just one benefit, Lexington Tree Experts keeps customers coming back for more services.” 

To see how Lexington Tree Experts helps homeowners deal with tree-related emergencies, read this story:

According to the Lexington Tree Experts chief of field operations, the company has helped thousands of property owners save their special trees. 

“Last month,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “Lexington Tree Experts were invited to handle a tree removal procedure on a client’s landscape. The tree to be removed was suffering from a health problem and looked like it couldn’t be saved. However, after the company’s tree service professionals took a look at the tree, they realized the tree’s health could be restored.” 

“After discussing the possibility of saving the tree with the homeowner,” said the chief of field operations, “she was very happy. She noted that the tree has been in her family’s home for more than 2 generations. She indicated that losing the tree would have felt like losing part of her family’s history.” 

“When the team restored the client’s tree health successfully,” said the chief of field operations, “she was so impressed that she went on Google Reviews and rated the company 5 stars and wrote a very positive testimonial recommending the company’s services. Going above and beyond for customers has helped the company keep its positive impression growing.” 

The Lexington Tree Experts CEO told a group of reporters that his company’s service policies have also helped maintain a perfect rating on Google Reviews. According to the CEO, the company has a same-day service policy. 

“When a client calls the company’s offices,” said the CEO, “and requests a tree maintenance procedure, the company works hard to ensure the tree care procedure is handled on the same day it is ordered. By ensuring that customers aren’t kept waiting, Lexington Tree Experts has managed to gain their trust and also create a positive perception around the company’s name.” 

The CEO told reporters that the company also boasts a 24/7 emergency tree service response. According to the CEO, Lexington Tree Experts handles emergency tree services in Lexington and suburbs at all hours of the day and night. This ensures no homeowner is missing his or her sleep just because a storm broke his or her tree unexpectedly. 

“Responding to emergency tree service requests in less than one hour,” said the Lexington Tree Experts CEO, “the company helps homeowners avoid expensive property damages.” 

Lexington Tree Experts base of operation is located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. The company, however, notes that homeowners can contact its offices via +1 859-710-6512 and [email protected]

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