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Lexington Tree Experts Impresses Homeowner with Fast Response to Tree Trimming Request

1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States – 09-23-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Lexington, Kentucky – When Samuel Cutter called Lexington Tree Experts to request a tree maintenance service, the homeowner was surprised when the company’s team showed up in just 20 minutes to analyze the trees and provide a cost estimate. 

“This is the first company the family has used and ended up getting better results than expected,” said Samuel when talking to a group of reporters. “The last company took a week to respond to a tree pruning request. Even worse, the company knew that the tree the family wanted to be pruned was in an extremely compromised state.” 

The homeowner said the company impressed him with more than just a quick response to his request. The company’s representative sent to provide a cost estimate reportedly gave him an excellent discount when he realized the homeowner was looking for a bulk tree trimming service. 

“The family was looking to trim more than 30 trees ahead of an upcoming event,” said Cutter. “This was one of the reasons the family wanted the tree trimming procedure handled quickly. When the professional discovered that the family wanted over 30 trees trimmed, he offered the family a discount that reduced the total price by about $1,000.” 

The homeowner noted that the company went a step further to initiate the tree trimming procedure on the day he ordered it. He told reporters that this was the first time he had encountered a company that kept the promise of same-day service delivery. 

“The family had called pretty late to request the tree trimming service,” said Samuel Cutter. “Therefore, by the time the company completed the estimate and acquired the necessary licenses to initiate the tree maintenance service, it was already 4 pm. The family thought the company would initiate the tree maintenance service the next day. Surprisingly, a team of tree cutting professionals arrived on the landscape an hour later.” 

Initiating the tree trimming at 5 pm, Lexington Tree Experts reportedly worked for 2 hours. The company did an excellent job during this period, cutting six trees to shape. 

To see how Lexington Tree Experts ensures its customers get maximum benefits from its tree care procedures, visit the company’s website:

The company reportedly cleaned the landscape before leaving. The homeowner was surprised when the company loaded the branches, leaves, and sawdust in its trucks, leaving his landscape extremely clean. 

“The company has been working on the tree trimming procedure for the past two days,” said Samuel Cutter. “The team completed the tree trimming procedure yesterday.” 

The homeowner noted that in the last three days, Lexington Tree Experts fully managed to transform his landscape. He said that when he looked at his landscape yesterday after the trimming procedure, he had to give the team of tree-cutting professionals who had worked on the terrain a tip. 

“The company worked fast,” said Samuel Cutter. “There is no doubt about that. However, while most companies tend to do a sloppy job when they have to complete a project fast, Lexington Tree Experts went all out to deliver the best results. As a thank you to the team that worked on the trees, the family gave out a tip of $500.” 

The homeowner noted that he is so thankful that he is unwilling to stop at the $500 tip. He said that he would keep recommending Lexington Tree Experts to other homeowners.

Lexington Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. Interested customers can contact the company at +1 859-710-6512 and [email protected] 

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