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Lexi Home Is Bridging the Gap Between Kitchen Essentials and Affordable Cookware With Humanitarian Initiatives

Lexi Home Is Bridging the Gap Between Kitchen Essentials and Affordable Cookware With Humanitarian Initiatives
Kitchenware and Home Decor Retailer Provides Kitchen Essentials to Those in Need and to Inspiring Chefs

Lexi Home is bridging the gap between affordable cookware and kitchen essentials. The kitchenware and home decor retailer is helping ease hunger in the Los Angeles area. With every kitchen necessity Lexi Home produces, it reaches out to aspiring chefs in the LA area and donates items. That is regardless of their economic status. A part of proceeds from every kitchenware sale goes to charities focused on alleviating hunger. 

On a global scale, “Kitchen essentials from chicken, milk and instant noodles to the ubiquitous potato have become costlier,” according to IndiaTimes. The war in Ukraine added to that cost by driving up demand and shortening food supplies. Projections have essential items becoming even costlier in the years to come. Alleviating hunger is one of mankinds’ greatest battles. Globally, 10% of the population goes to bed hungry every night, according to estimates. 

“At Lexi Home, we strive to not only make high-quality cookware that is affordable but to help those in the community. We provide kitchen essentials and cookware to those in need and to inspiring chefs. A portion of our proceeds goes to charities to help alleviate hunger. We plan to take our initiatives nationwide and have a larger impact.” – Company CEO, Parth Lalchandani

Cooking education is another initiative the retailer supports. The pandemic caused many changes, including a growing interest in home cooking. This interest continues post-pandemic, with many age groups inspired to be at-home chefs. A recent study found that millennials are the most adventurous in the kitchen but know the least about cooking and food safety. In response to recent studies and research, Lexi Home is launching cooking education initiatives late in the fall and into the new year. They are a mixture of online cooking courses promoted on social media and on the web. Plus, pop-up locations planned for cooking education and product demonstrations in LA. Inspiring chefs and influencers are partners in these initiatives.

“Cooking education is a priority for Lexi Home, we’ve got some engaging and educational things planned to help us reach out to Millenials and the community as a whole.” – Lalchandani

Currently the retailer is preparing its humanitarian efforts for the fall. These efforts will coincide with marketing and publicity campaigns raising awareness about hunger and promoting cooking education. 


A home décor and kitchenware retailer, Lexi Home is based in Torrance, outside Los Angeles. The company specializes in creating functional kitchen and home goods. The company has spent more than 30 years emphasizing adaptability, ease of use and price. Diversity among its leaders and employees is at the core of its forward-thinking culture. It was one of the first decor and kitchenware retailers to migrate its retail operations online. A wide range of products is available through the website and through e-commerce platforms.

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Phone: 3106348989
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City: Torrance
State: California
Country: United States

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