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League of Legends releasing beautiful Chinese porcelain-inspired skins

League of Legends releasing beautiful Chinese porcelain-inspired skins

Riot Games has announced that the League of Legends 12.2 patch set for release on January 26, 2022 will be debuting the new traditional Chinese-inspired “Porcelain Protector” series featuring Ezreal, Lux, Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra. This new skin set has generated quite the buzz in the west and among the international League of Legends fans.

The beautiful Porcelain Protector skin set was inspired by traditional Chinese porcelain pottery, which is characterized by blue and white patterns and illustrations with cultural context. Similar to their source inspiration, each element of the Porcelain Protector skins, from static portraits to animations, and even easter eggs, have a very well-thought-out design.

Fans from several notable western community and social platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Twitter have shown great interest in the skins, admiring their cultural references, unique art style, and awesome animations. The official League of Legends subreddit had a few posts with many fans talking about how it was great to see Chinese culture embedded in Riot games art. And among the other platforms, many have saved up their RP to get their hands on the new Porcelain Protector series. Needless to say, imbuing Chinese culture in League of Legends skins in the form of artistic masterpieces is a great way to go.

Before we dive deeper into the skins themselves, it is important to note that the creation of the Porcelain Protector series was a collaboration between Riot Games and famous artist Jay Chou. In particular, elements from his song “Blue & White Porcelain” are thematic throughout the entire skin series.

Let’s kick off with Porcelain Protector Ezreal (1820 RP), the poster child of the series. One could say on the surface it looks like a rich man’s version of Frosted Ezreal, thanks to the similar colors. But there is something different about Porcelain Protector Ezreal – he possesses a swagger and edginess different from the others. Not only does he appear more inspired than many of his other skins, he has a majestic tiger as his totem, appearing behind him like a spirit animal, everytime he casts his ultimate. This tiger is not only a symbol of his ferocity and bravery, but also obviously a reference to the Chinese year of the tiger. For any Ezreal player looking for a more dark, aggressive version of our favorite explorer, this offering hits on all cylinders.

Of course, when it comes to League of Legends skins, two champions always come out on top. Together with Ezreal, Porcelain Lux steps into the limelight with standard (1350 RP) and Prestige (2,000 Event Tokens) versions of the skin. As Lady Luminosity herself, Porcelain Lux shines her light brightly with a giant lotus-inspired staff which presumably is made of porcelain, and a personal porcelain bunny on her other hand. Her armor, as expected, features recognizable blue and white patterns, and her ultimate ability generates lotus, symbolizing purity and beauty.

Enter Porcelain Lissandra (1350 RP), the Ice Witch of the Freljord herself, captivating those who gaze upon her elegance, with empress-like porcelain attire. Boasting a glorious mage’s crown on her head, radiating a blue and white aura of ice, Lissandra has finally found a top-tier skin in her arsenal. Her totem is serpentlike in nature, and every part of her porcelain skin breathes mystique, mystery, and majesty. Lissandra players have longed for better skins, and finally, they may have found one.

We transition to Porcelain Kindred (1350 RP), whose aesthetic design closely resembles a dynastic warrioress, agile, cunning, and brave, just like Kindred itself. The lamb and the wolf are both featured in this new design – elegance and innocence fused together with ferocity and vigor. Their porcelain armor is not suited for one sitting on a throne; it was handcrafted for battle. Their ultimate skill summons fish totems from the ground, as if there was a pool of magic for those who entered its circle.

Last but not least, we cannot forget our beloved Porcelain Amumu (1350 RP), once again finding himself short of friends. Some say he came late to the tea party, but in reality, he was waiting for the guests to come all along – he IS the teapot. Ironically, the porcelain mummy captured my heart more than any other skin in the Porcelain Protector series. I find it hilarious to literally see Amumu become a porcelain teapot himself, doing porcelain things. There can’t be a party without Amumu anymore, not when he’s the one pouring drinks to the guests!

And there we have it! The Porcelain Protector skin series will be live on the 12.2 patch, and anyone who wants a bit of pottery in their collection can celebrate this, together with the Chinese New Year. Seeing cultural inspirations make their way into League of Legends is a touching story to those who care. And for those who don’t particularly care about cultural expression in games, at least we have ourselves a masterwork of art. Besides, Amumu can always do with a bit more love, right?

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