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Leading Carpet Cleaning Company in Woodbridge, VA, Shares Advice on The Best Time To Clean Carpets

Many people do not recognize this, but the home carpet is a very important part of the home HVAC system.

It makes sense. The carpet is a strong insulator and helps keep a home cool in the summer since cold air falls and warm in the winter, holding residual heat.

As much as the carpet is a part of this important system, it is a haven for things like dust mites, bacteria and molds. Vacuuming regularly helps keep these things at bay, but professional carpet cleaning is key to taking them away.

Rodney Goffigan owns DMV Carpet Cleaning, a company many locals call the best carpet cleaning service in Woodbridge, Virginia. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the importance of regular carpet cleaning and recommends cleaning at least every six months.

“Carpet cleaning is important to a family’s overall health. People with respiratory issues like asthma and lung problems benefit greatly from carpet cleaning. My team of the best carpet cleaners in Woodbridge, VA, and I have dedicated our professionalism to carpets and carpet cleaning,” said Goffigan.

Depending on the home and home traffic, cleaning more than twice a year may be necessary. For people with large families, pets and more, it is a good idea to schedule a bit more frequently. When is best is up to an agreement between the carpet cleaning specialists and the family.

DMV Carpet Cleaning is a leading carpet cleaning service in Woodbridge, Virginia, serving residents and businesses in the area. They promise on time service, high quality work and the best customer service in the industry. Schedule an initial consultation at

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