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Latin America Green Roof Market To Move Towards Expansion Significantly During 2022-2027, Driven By Rise In Biodegradable Goods And Sustainability

El informe del estudio de mercado de Informes de Expertos titulado, ‘El Mercado Latinoamericano de Techo Verde, Informe y Pronóstico 2022-2027′, ofrece una visión estructurada del mercado, examinando sus diversos segmentos y variables clave como tipo, aplicación y las regiones. La investigación recoge un sólido pronóstico de la presencia de factores clave de éxito y limitaciones, sigue a los proveedores bien establecidos y las últimas tendencias de la industria que impactan en el objetivo de crecimiento del mercado global. También evalúa la dinámica del mercado y la relación entre la demanda de los consumidores y el precio del producto, junto con la auditoría de los modelos FODA y de las cinco fuerzas de Porter.

The market study report by Informes de Expertos titled, ‘Latin America Green Roof Market 2022-2027’, gives structured insights into the market, examining its diverse segments and key variables such as type, application, and key regions. The research gathers robust forecasting of the presence of key success factors and constraints, tracks well-established vendors, and the latest trends in the industry that impact the growth goal of the overall market. It also assesses the market dynamics, and the relationship between consumer demand and product price, coupled with the audit of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces models.

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Los aspectos más destacados del informe incluyen:

Visión general del mercado (2017-2027)

• CAGR para el período de pronóstico (2022-2027): 12,30%

El mercado de techos verdes en América Latina obtuvo un valor de 104 millones de dólares en 2021. Se prevé que el mercado evolucione a una CAGR del 12,30% durante el período de pronóstico de 2022-2027. Debido a los crecientes niveles de contaminación, la rápida construcción de infraestructura verde en las áreas metropolitanas está impulsando el crecimiento del mercado. A medida que varios gobiernos promueven la sostenibilidad mediante el uso de recursos biodegradables para prevenir el rápido cambio climático, la demanda de techos verdes está aumentando, impulsando el crecimiento del mercado.

Además, se espera que el aumento de la investigación y el desarrollo (I+D) para integrar células fotovoltaicas en las cubiertas verdes contribuya considerablemente al crecimiento del mercado. La creciente tendencia de la agricultura urbana a proporcionar acceso a productos orgánicos y frescos también está aumentando el despliegue de techos verdes para el cultivo, lo que se espera que impulse la expansión del mercado.
Industry Definition and Major Segments

A green roof, also known as a functioning roof, is topped with flora to improve its environmental friendliness. It also acts as an insulator for structures, absorbing rainfall and regulating storm roofs. Green roofing in buildings improves energy efficiency and thermal insulation, resulting in significantly lower building temperatures.

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The major segments on the basis of types of green roofs are:

• Extensive
• Semi-Intensive
• Intensive

Based on application, the market is divided into:

• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial

Key regions covered include:

• Brazil
• Argentina
• Mexico
• Others

Market Trends

The Latin American green roof market is constantly expanding, owing to increased urbanisation and the need to cut carbon emissions, battle urban heat islands, and minimise urban waterlogging. The Latin American green roof market is being driven by government engagement via various policies that favour green building, incentives, restrictions, and so on. International institutions and development institutions are also increasing their federal aid for green building schemes in Latin America.

However, constraints such as greater start-up costs when compared to conventional buildings, as well as a scarcity of green building professionals, impede expansion. Green roofs are also becoming more popular in Cordoba, Argentina, where legislation was established in 2016 forcing all rooftops above 1,300 square feet. These all factors are driving the market towards growth progressions in the projected period.

Key Market Players

The major players in the market are:

• Axter Limited
• Bauder Ltd.
• Green Roof Blocks LLC
• Optigrün international AG
• Sempergreen BV
• Others

The insights in the market research report provide growth possibilities, socio-political environment factors affecting the market, launches of products, new entrants dominating the market, and the presence of key companies driving the industry.

About Us:

Informes de Expertos, the Spanish variant of Expert Market Research, is a platform that offers market research and consultancy services to a broad clientele base across Spanish speaking countries. With our primary focus on the Latin America and Spain markets, our research experts provide relevant and actionable insights into the markets and track major trends, economic developments, and global trade data.

Determined to bring client satisfaction, we make sure that our tailored approach meets the client’s unique market intelligence requirements. Our syndicated and customized research reports cover a wide spectrum of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and food and beverage to packaging, logistics, and transportation.

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