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Lalcôvi – The Home Of Affordable Luxury Fashion

Everyone knows the names: Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein.

These are the labels that make the fashion that get in the spotlight. Fashion that makes a statement for itself. Clothes that define the very standard others are defined by.

Imagine one walks into a room for a small get together with their workers, or maybe they’re just hanging out with the girls for the weekend.

They have in their hands a small, black Chanel purse, and they are wearing a sleek black Burberry gown and golden Armani hoops to match.

Gradually, heads begin to turn in their direction, and they smile, strutting their stuff and feeling every gaze in the room following them to their destination where their friends are staring in amazement!

They’ve got the attention of everyone in the room.

And all it took was them wearing the best of the best.

With designer items, fashion does the heavy lifting for you, and speaks volumes about who one is and how they value themselves, which in turn influences how others value them when they see them.

With designer items, the wearer makes a lasting impression on everyone they meet.

They get to own every room they walk into, and make every spot they stand on, their stage.

Now, imagine being able to own your own luxury fashion wears and accessories.

All for the same prices as reasonably priced, non-designer clothes!

That’s what Lalcôvi does for fashion enthusiasts.

Lalcôvi is a luxury fashion brand that offers the best of luxury fashion at unbelievable prices.

Simply put, Lalcôvi is the home of affordable designer items, where one can get up to 70% of the label price of designer items!

Lalcôvi was created by a luxury fashion enthusiast born in France, and is the result of her love of fashion and passion for providing affordable luxury fashion to everyday people.

Lalcôvi offers the chance to own 100% Authenticated, Designer Luxury Items for up to 70% off the normal designer price!

With a catalog of over 400 designer labels and counting, and 10,000 premium designer items to pick from.

Designer clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it, they got it!

Even their name, Lalcôvi, is a not-so-subtle nod to the fact of being a fashion alcove: L’alcôve is French for “The alcove”.

Designer items that are found on Lalcôvi include Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Chiara Ferragni, Moschino, Marc Jacob, Swarovski, Miu Miu, Emporio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Galliano, Burberry, Bikkembergs and many more!

Items on Lalcôvi’s catalog are acquired from the designer labels’ surplus production to which Lalcôvi is an official certified reseller, which is why it is possible to get them at a discounted price. See all their listings on their website:, and choose from a collection of classy designer Items to add to one’s wardrobe.

And the best part is, they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders above $50 when purchased through their website:

So what would anyone be waiting for? They should go and get their Armani now, and rock it to their next outing.

Media Contact
Company Name: Lalcôvi
Contact Person: Charlotte
Email: Send Email
Phone: +61 459 185 427
City: Brisbane
State: Queensland
Country: Australia

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