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Kitchen Start-Up Company Turns into a Multi-Million Dollar National Business

The Elderberry Co. is built to help families feel empowered to take charge of their health naturally.

The Elderberry Co. has gone a long way from its humble beginnings. What started four years ago as a one-woman show in a home kitchen has become a multi-million dollar national business with a massive following of satisfied clientele. It’s now empowering thousands of families to stay healthy with natural products made with organic ingredients that support the immune system.

Jenny Watson, the founder and the innovative mind behind The Elderberry Co., began her entrepreneurial journey to help fellow moms keep their loved ones from getting sick. Several years back, Jenny felt powerless when she frequently had to send her son to the doctors due to recurring ear infections. This cycle of going to the doctors and giving her son antibiotics made her look for a way that isn’t reliant on taking sugary syrups and expensive synthetic medications. She found her answer in elderberry.

Elderberry has a long history of improving immune system strength and supporting respiratory health. It has been used in folk medicine across many parts of Europe and is renowned as one of the most commonly used medicinal plants worldwide. It’s been known to support the immune system, respiratory health, digestive health, and even healthy blood sugar levels.

Banking on this information, Jenny made a batch of elderberry syrup in her home kitchen and served it to her family. She immediately saw its benefits in keeping her family healthier. According to Jenny, since her son took his first dose of her homemade elderberry syrup, he hasn’t had to go to the doctor once.

Knowing the struggle of parents seeing their kids sick without being able to do anything to help them feel better prompted Jenny to share her elderberry syrup on Facebook. It is a massive hit. Four years later, The Elderberry Co.’s elderberry syrup is a staple in families’ homes.

The syrup’s main differentiator is that it’s packed with natural healthy ingredients such as Aronia berries, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, clove, and local raw honey. Each batch is made fresh every day, unprocessed and GMO-free, lasting around 60 days in the refrigerator. Since its launch, the product has received positive reviews from families, noting its positive benefits to their overall health.

While elderberry syrups remain the most popular in its product inventory, The Elderberry Co. has long since expanded its offerings to include gummies, capsules, and tea. Each one is made with clean, organic ingredients to support good health naturally.

Explore The Elderberry Co.’s product offerings here:

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