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Kibo Eclipse Investigation by Consumer Reports Surprises Ecommerce Entrepreneurs – Kibo Eclipse Reviews 2022

The highly anticipated KIBO ECLIPSE TRAINING PROGRAM is scheduled to launch on the 25th of January 2022 and closing on the 3rd of February or prior if full to capacity.

Kibo Eclipse is an extensive eCommerce mentorship program. It’s built upon a proven training system that helps interested parties (regardless of their age, background or experience), efficiently build, scale, and automate profitable online stores.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are promising to disclose unique eCommerce systems and platforms that are untapped, reliable, and scalable for aspiring entrepreneurs and everyone who wants a Consistent Stream Of Income—in this Page Here.

Through exclusive mentorship, the core 8 week training program of The KIBO ECLIPSE system empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with intensive training to build, run, and scale high-profit products without Amazon, large up-front Inventory orders, paid advertisements, external software, private labeling or licencing, or even utilizing overseas providers.


Inside the Kibo Eclipse training program, mentors Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton provide meticulous instructions that are easy to follow. Most of the grunt work including customer service will be taken care of by automated AI-based “bot” software called KIBO BOT.

Students will be mentored by eCommerce experts to face challenges such as attaining $1,000/week (in profits) mark, and until reaching the final milestone of $10,000 per week Here, which many previous Kibo Eclipse students have achieved during their first weeks.

In fact, if you are a 2022 aspiring Kibo Eclipse participant and have questions about the training, you can contact support at [email protected] or [email protected]

In the words of Kibo Eclipse co-founder Aidan Booth: “I believe the reason behind our students’ massive success is that we flat-out challenge them to use The Kibo Eclipse system and platform, complete the core training modules, go through our step-by-step videos, all the strategy manuals, the software, tune in for all our live weekly training sessions with us and connect the dots with a few simple actions, and if for whatever reason they aren’t satisfied or seeing amazing results within the first 30 days, we refund every penny of their small investment”.

Studies by several online experts, Digital Bureau®, and independent third-parties revealed that Kibo Eclipse mentorship program is well-curated and leaves nothing to the imagination with the availability of detailed answers and information inside the members’ area. The KIBO Eclipse coaching program has been identified by a plethora of students, from different walks of life, as legit and valuable when put into definite action.

REPORT: Critical “Kibo Eclipse” Free Analysis & Report For Interested Mentees (Unexpected).

The Kibo Eclipse program seeks to turn business away from using outdated approaches to e-Commerce and focuses on a proven optimized system that is based upon selling MULTIPLE winning products in MULTIPLE niche markets on MULTIPLE marketplaces, without investing any money on paid advertisements.

Mentors Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth proved with all transparency during these last couple of years, with hundreds of Kibo Eclipse success stories, testimonials, and other undeniable proof, that their e-commerce methods and systems really work.

The Kibo Eclipse method is faster and more effective in comparison to other forms of eCommerce. It is a superfast business model, easy to implement, and beginner friendly, meaning even those with no previous experience with eCommerce can profit from the model.With no hardcore marketing strategies and no upfront expenses, students will be able to genetate consistent profitable sales with the products they will find inside KIBO ECLIPSE ORACLE, which is an advanced software suite that allow users to access MILLIONS of products instantly and filter them down to the most profitable opportunities.

According to several past students who have taken the program last year, they are now earning higher amounts than expected. Some have reported earning in excess of 35k every week in profit.

The Kibo Eclipse uses regular yet extremely powerful means of traffic generation and untapped marketplaces like the Walmart marketplace & Fulfillment Services, targeted free Facebook traffic sources, Google and Microsoft’s shopping platforms, etc.

The Delivery in this business model is faster because all products are from USA suppliers and not China. The program will teach applicants to optimize product listings, scale profitable products, and eliminate the ones that aren’t.

The Kibo Eclipse program was created by founders Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth who have spent +$250,000 building software that will make the new Kibo Eclipse business model extremely fast for people, regardless of their age, background, or experience.

Steve and Aidan have made millions in the past years and are now ready to mentor and share their 15+ years of experience with a selected group of people. An additional extensive Kibo Eclipse Review will be found here.

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