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Kennected Reviews Illustrate Why Businesses Consider It The Top LinkedIn Lead Generator

Indianapolis, Indiana –

Indianapolis, IN based Kennected has been receiving rave reviews from their users. This is especially true for businesses that were previously unaware how much of their operations could be automated. Additionally, the company states that their users appear to appreciate having a dedicated team from Kennected on hand who can respond to all their concerns and guide them through any challenges they may face. Learn more here: Kennected Reviews 521 reasons.

Kennected believes that their primary strength lies in the effectiveness of their software platform, but no platform would be able to achieve what Kennected is capable of without direct, personalized support. Every user who signs up with Kennected to boost their LinkedIn outreach and marketing has the bonus advantage of working with experienced industry professionals who make it their mission to learn as much about the business in question as possible. In certain situations, Kennected’s team may be able to run this aspect of their user’s business on their behalf, but the company asserts that they have a strong reason to avoid doing so.

Kennected automation software for enterprise sales organizations

“When it comes to your company and what it takes to attract customers, you are the expert,” states Devin Johnson of Kennected. “No one knows your company better than you do, especially if you are a small business owner or SME who built it from the ground up. You know what your business does, and you know what its purpose is. Thanks to their experience working with a wide variety of industry representatives, our team would probably be able to achieve great things if they applied themselves to such a task. However, their results would pale in comparison to yours. The beauty of automation is that you only need to set the initial parameters for Kennected to work. It does nearly everything else on its own.”

The team’s true goal, Johnson explains, is to give their users the tools and insight they need to successfully utilize Kennected’s capabilities on their own. For instance, a user may have an objective in mind but not know how to implement it on the platform. Upon contacting Kennected support, they will be shown how their intended plan could be executed using the available tools. In time, as they become more familiar with Kennected and the vast array of tools it offers, they can bypass the team’s input altogether, swiftly implementing strategies that lead their business to the desired outcome. Notably, the user is welcome to take as long as they need to get to this point and beyond — Kennected provides as much direct support as they want for as long as it is requested. There are no restrictions on this front.

Kennected’s functionality has proved particularly vital for businesses that lost their footing as a result of the pandemic. Between lockdowns, social distancing, reduced patronage and so on, many businesses found themselves seeking every advantage possible to survive, and many of Kennected’s users report that it made the difference. A review from Janet (which can be viewed on Youtube alongside many other reviews and testimonials) explains why this was the case for her business. See more here: Kennected Real Customer Reviews.

“My business is a ‘people business,’” she says. “We go out, we talk to people, but I couldn’t do that.” She also expresses that she found it difficult to use social media to promote her business since that was not her area of expertise. Kennected, however, enabled her to get in touch with people as far away as other states, both who were immediately interested in engaging with her business as well as those who simply represented future opportunities.

Janet adds that she has no concerns now that she’s using Kennected and working with their team. “I stayed connected with Cornelius to figure out what I need to do, how I need to do it. I’d follow up with him — if there were any problems, I would call him, and then we would get on a scheduled Zoom and take care of it.” Johnson says Cornelius is one of the relationship development officers at Kennected. He and the other relationship officers are trained specifically to assist the platform’s users in every possible capacity.

Kennected has many text and video testimonials from actual users whose businesses have improved since coming on board. View more here: Kennected.Reviews. Further information on the platform can also be found on the official Kennected website.


For more information about Kennected, contact the company here:

Devin Johnson
201 S Capitol Ave Suite 800, Indianapolis, IN 46225

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