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Kenashii shares their vital tips for avoiding flaming nasal gibbons and removing nose hair with the best nose waxing kit on the market.

Somewhere between the appearance of macho stubble and grotesque ear spiders most men will experience a sudden explosion of nose hair, the scientific term for this is “Chronic Nasal Bush” CNB for short (Fig 4.2).


People who don’t know anything about science or noses might worry that trimming or plucking nasal stragglers is removing hair that is essential for good health. Luckily Dr.Kenzo Haburashi, a totally made up representative from Kenashii, is here to set things straight with the fastest biology lesson never taught in school:

“There are two types of nasal hair:

Firstly, the good kind, chillin’ out deep in the nose, minding its own business and playing a vital role in filtering out foreign particles and in moisture retention.

Secondly, the other kind, that sprouts from the nostrils in such abundance that it terrifies small children.

The first type is useful and wards off illness, the second type is not useful and the only thing it wards off is other people.”

“That tracks” says Taro Kutsu, another fictitious representative from Kenashii, “Children, adolescents and women don’t have horrifying nasal weasels, but they are no more susceptible to illness for the lack of them.”


Seems like nasal waxing would hurt like seven kinds of hell, plucking one nose hair can reduce a triple hard superhero to whimpering incontinence. But thanks to the “bandaid effect” there is minimal pain. “This has been confirmed by extensive scientific research and thousands of our customers.” said Dr.Kenzo “The faster you pull, the less it hurts. Check out our reviews, they are awesome”.

If the thought of putting a nuclear hot glob of molten wax up the schnoz is terrifying… it should be, that stuff is wild, nobody would do that. Fortunately Kenashii has combined the power of science and ancient Japanese wisdom to formulate wax with a lower melting point. Saving the world from flaming nasal gibbons and burned nostrils.

“Don’t go buying any of those terrible brands that give you wax beads, there’s no guarantee those beads are designed specifically for the nose. Most wax beads are designed for far less sensitive areas. Stay safe, stick to the best and thank us later.” says Taro, whose job it is to say that.


Kenashii the original nasal waxing kit from Japan, has over 10,000 Five Star reviews on Amazon, making it the most reviewed and highest rated home nose waxing kitin the world, period.


“Some people have other concerns.” Dr.Kenzo continued “My mate Kev told me that ingrown hairs can travel to the brain and cause your face to melt off. But then Kev also said there’s pee detecting dye in swimming pools and believes that 5G spreads Corona Virus… Kev is an idiot.”

Dr.Kenzo went on to say “I heard about a guy who used a cheap nose waxing kit from some other brand and it tore his whole head off. Of course, that’s totally not true, but why risk it to save a few bucks when you could spend premium buckaroos to buy a ultra premium product that is guaranteed to make you 150% sexier* and comes with balmy post-waxing balm wipes and its own special swag bag.”

*actual increase in sexiness not guaranteed.


“Real talk” said Dr.Kenzo “if nasal waxing were a religion then Kenashii would be its God. Do yourself a favour and buy it here on the KenashiiWebsite. Bottom line is that Kenashii is fast, effective, triple safe and painless. Stick to the best, stay safe, read the instructions, become a nasal waxing ninja, and make all your friends jealous. Konichiwa from Japan.”

People wishing to purchase Kenashii can do so here:

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