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Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy this Holi | Kridovia

Kolkata, India, 18th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Holi is a festival of fun, frolic, and colors and is a celebration of everything that is lively and youthful. It is one of the important festivals in India which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. But often in the festive and fun mood, we often forget about the safety and health of our home. In today’s era, it is important to keep your home safe and healthy with smart home and kitchen appliances and when it comes to Holi, it becomes more important than ever. To keep your home safe and healthy, the top home and kitchen appliances supplier in Kolkata, Kridovia has come up with amazing appliances.

Kridovia Appliances is one of the leading e-commerce brands in the domain of home and kitchen appliances which provide a wide range of smart home and kitchen appliances. They want to improve the quality of living of the people and make day-to-day tasks easier than ever. The team greatly believes that to make the life of the Indians easier by providing them the appliances of international brands at nominal costs and deals.

“It is important to keep every home safe and healthy during Holi as the surroundings are full of harmful chemicals and particles. We want to offer a healthy environment to every individual so that they can get the best out of the festival. To keep them safe from harmful chemicals, we are introducing the best appliances. These appliances not only ensure the health of the consumer but also help to keep the home healthy and your loved ones safe. These products will not only help the people to live a healthy life but they also promise the standard lifestyle”, said Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal, founder of Kridovia.


If you want to keep your home healthy and safe while maintaining the ideal and healthy humidity level in your living space, a dehumidifier is the best appliance for you. Kridovia is a renowned platform and proved to be the best online dehumidifier provider. The company offers the dehumidifier with the best and most updated features. It also helps to restrict the growth of allergens in Holi and make your home a healthy space. It also helps to prevent frequent asthma attacks and other breathing issues. The dehumidifier potentially emits the variables that can affect your home and family.

Air Purifier

It has been evident that during Holi the air seems quite polluted and it is difficult to breathe even when you are indoors. To rescue this problem, an air purifier is here to help you out. Air purifiers work by purifying the air and eliminating pollutants, allergens, and toxins. Kridovia is one of the leading air purifier suppliers in Kolkata and provides the best services to its customers. Air purifiers have proved to be the best product to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The appliance works well with maintaining the quality of air and removing harmful particles in it.

Air Conditioner

Nowadays, air conditioner also helps to make the home safe and healthy in the Holi while purifying the air and circulating fresh air to every corner of the life. Regardless of where you live, the air conditioners now become a daily necessity of every home. Not only they are helpful to keep your home cool, but it also keeps the air circulating with its updated features.

Washing Machine

Holi not only comes up with the fun and crazy Holi parties, but it also brings stubborn stains and crampled clothes. To keep your clothes clean and healthy, the best washing machine with latest features will ease your laundry process. Washing machines are an important and considerable part of the laundry process and also one of the essential home appliances. The unique features of the washing machines include quick wash, different wash programs, protective rat mesh, child lock, temperature control, digital display, and so on.

Kridovia greatly believes to make the daily activities and chores of the people easier and ensure that they will get the best out of Holi without worrying about the safety and health of the home. Kridovia is the best home appliance supplier in Kolkata and also the best platform to shop international home and kitchen appliances products. Don’t wait anymore and get the best out of this Holi.

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