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Kandi & Co. Productions revs up impressive graphic design, web design, and photography services

Kandi & Co. Productions is leading the way in helping businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs cut through the clutter with killer graphic design, web design, and photography services to get them ahead of the pack.

Kandi & Co. Productions continues to make waves globally by bringing innovative and eye-catching graphic design, website design, and photography. 

The company has taken graphic design to the next level by providing customized, elegant, and professional business marketing material. Its portfolios are filled with impressive clients and prominent design campaigns.

“It’s okay to take your time and fully develop your brand. Building a billion-dollar company requires time,” says Kadijah Oliver, owner of Kandi & Co. Productions. “To get there, impressive designs will help you stand out from the crowd, make your digital platforms rise above the competition, and add value to your products and services. It’s all about quality and longevity.”

Kadijah says graphic design helps optimize marketing efforts across all platforms. She said that it is crucial to build a professional and successful brand without appealing graphics and marketing. She says, many want success, but lack knowledge of marketing and monetization. Many believe that you can become a billionaire overnight, but lack knowledge on their industry and what is making billionaires the billionaire that they desire to be.

Kandi & Co. Productions offers branding services and packages for entrepreneurs and companies that are beginning and want a new look for their business and organization. A few products that come in the branding package are logos, business cards, a color palette, a website, typography, letterheaders, brochures, and more. They also offer custom packages for their clients.

Kandi & Co. Productions also offers additional services such as animated and e-flyer designs, book cover designs, Instagram revamps, and more. 

Customers can check out the complete price list and other services under the Graphic Design tab on the Kandi & Co. Productions website. 

Meanwhile, the company has also scaled up efforts to bring top-notch website design services, helping businesses and entrepreneurs create a good impression on their prospective customers.

“A good web design helps businesses nurture their leads and obtain more conversions. A well-designed website also provides great user experiences and helps website visitors access your page quickly and with ease,” says Kadijah. She mentioned that a website design is 20% appearance, but 80% back-office work to make the website efficient. Many believe that a website is an appearance, but it isn’t. Yes, you want an eye-catching website design, but you want to also make sure you have SEO, backlinks, and more to bring you organic traffic. Organic traffic = leads. Imagine having organic traffic + active leads. If this was an equation, it would be organic traffic + active leads = consistent monetization. You want continuous income coming in for your business.

Kandi & Co. Productions also leads the pack in providing memorable photography services. Kadijah says photography is also equally important in capturing and engaging the attention of a business’ online audience. Kadijah mentions, “a photo will forever be memorable, so capturing memories in the present, will forever be memorable in the future.” 

Kandi & Co. Productions photography division named “Kandi Kam Photography” provides photography services for engagements, weddings, events, graduations, births, birthdays, headshots, families, real estate, and more. 

You can check out their portfolio on Kandi & Co. Productions website. 

Lastly, Kadijah serves as a mentor to many. She has a mentorship program where she works with various people from all types of backgrounds. Her mentor program works with survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, gun violence, women, men, teenagers, and entrepreneurs. 

Through this program, she teaches marketing strategy, graphic and website design, coping mechanisms, business strategy, accountability, consent, STDs & STI’s prevention, bystander intervention, and more.

Kadijah is originally from Ozark, Alabama. She is a self-taught freelance graphic designer, web designer, photographer, mentor, model, and coach. She graduated in December 2017 from the University of South Alabama where she succeeded in various leadership positions. She is in the U.S Air Force National Guard. She’s been freelancing for nine years. Through her journey of being an entrepreneur, she has traveled and been a speaker and advocate for being mentally, physically, and entrepreneurially sound. She believes that as an entrepreneur you have to have balance and she teaches that to anyone that she encounters.

Her goal is to help build self-made entrepreneurs, especially young people, and to open a center to help the homeless and domestic violence survivors. 

Among her inspirations to become an entrepreneur and stand with the principles she has on community service, she wouldn’t be where she is without the support of Sharla Andrews (her mother), friends, and family. She is greatly inspired by her mother,  Tiffany Morriar-Wilson (mentor), Danielle Murphy, Taraji P. Henson, and Mariska Hargitay.

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