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Jotul Capital launches new services of brokerage

Jotul Capital emerges as a trading platform. In the latest development, Jotul Capital has developed new trading services that facilitate traders in the brokerage process. The services mainly revolve around closing the needs of traders, as the company makers felt the void in the trading market.

Jotul Capital focuses on the essential points for a trader. The main goal of a trader is to make quick money. In that case, Jotul Capital offers customized conditions and time as valuable resources to ensure traders do not have to wait for orders to be executed. The company’s newly launched services entail:

·Quick deposit and withdrawal of funds. 

·Advanced analytical tools: It yields an availability of analytics toolsfinancial market reviews from leading analysts to build the right strategy. The training material is made so that it allows people to structure the knowledge for more efficient use of their experience, even for experienced traders.

·Training: It provides the availability of a training center for new traders who know little about the financial markets 

·Safety: Jotul Capital operates as a self-respecting platform using all the modern mechanisms to protect the funds. Therefore, the team does not write about encryption techniques, audits, protection against bots, and SYN flood since all of this has already been used. And when the officials of Jotul Capital are confident in their company’s security, it remains only to protect the trader from mistakes and provide tools for use.

Furthermore, the features of Jotul Capital include a Free demo account. Before opening a live trading account, they can try their free demo account to explore the intuitive trading platform and improve their skills.

Jotul Capital also enables its traders to manage risk. They can use risk management tools to limit losses and lock in profits. The company publishes figures and statistics so that traders can evaluate the effectiveness of interaction with them. 

About Jotul Capital

Jotul capital is a trading platform established in 2013. In 2014, well-known analysts and financiers began to take an interest in the company and give their advice on how to improve work. Thus, a training center was created that is still working and constantly has new ideas for trading, which are happy to share with site users. 

In 2015, the company’s owners acquired the presence of shareholders and well-known people in the financial world in management. It made it possible to increase the flow of investments and take the company to another level. New applications were developed, and many innovative tools for trading were added in 2016. A wide range of advanced analytical tools has been added to 2017 to reduce the risks of traders. 

Jotul Capital has over 2,700,000 transactions per month. The company is expanding its international portfolio with over 800 different stocks from various global markets, and in 2019 Jotul Capital trades in the global financial market, achieving its goal: to act in the interests of traders.

Potential traders must visit the following link to avail of Jotul Capital’s services:

comtex tracking


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