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Jordan Sidoo Awarded for Community Service

VANCOUVER, BC, December 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jordan Sidoo, son of David and Manjy, brother of Dylan, received government honors as a youngster for helping out in community service. The BC Provincial Government handed out the award. Those in charge were impressed with his leadership and overall contributions as a youngster.

As the youngest son of Canadian businessman David Sidoo, Jordan knew how big of an impact community service can make from an early age. This award was handed out to him during his time at school in Canada, but he kept that same mentality while at the University of California Berkeley. To this day, a big focus of his life will remain on helping others less fortunate.

Some of the top quotes from the ceremony include MLA Dave Hayer saying, “it is great to see young role models like Jordan Sidoo.” Former BC Attorney General Wally Oppal also spoke on his behalf, saying that he “makes a difference in the community.” Some of those in attendance have known him since he was a youngster, seeing the development over the years.

After having a stand-out academic career at St. George’s Academy in Vancouver, the accomplished youngster then took his talents to the University of California Berkeley. Wherever he goes as a young professional, he helps in different communities one way or another. Staying active outside of work is a quality David wanted to instill into his sons Jordan and Dylan.

David, Manjy, Dylan, and Jordan are no strangers to charities and helping with community service projects. With support from Manjy, his father, David, started Sidoo Family Giving, which focuses on providing for less fortunate children. He grew up in that environment and routinely helped with several causes along the way.

Even while in college, he found time to help out as much as possible. No matter how busy life gets, David wants his sons to carry on the legacy of being selfless at times.

Jordan Sidoo is branching off more and more on his own while staying connected with David and Manjy. Even as life takes him across the border to the United States at times, he stays connected to Canadian charities as well. This was one of the first big honors received by Jordan on his own, but certainly not his last.

Now out of college and working on establishing himself professionally, Jordan Sidoo keeps an eye on the next generation of community leaders coming up through the ranks. He makes sure to take note of others receiving recognition at such an early age. Early on, teaming up with community service leaders can help make a huge difference.

The Sidoo family is happy with Jordan’s success and recognizes his hard work. Community service is often a selfless act, but getting recognition helps motivate. Stay tuned for more information on future projects he works with.

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