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Join a 24-Hour Round-the-World Conversation to Celebrate World Futures Day, Hosted by the Millennium Project

Beginning March 1 in New Zealand at 12 noon NZ time, the open conversation on how to build a better future will move west each hour. Anyone can join in at 12 noon their time to explore with futurists and others possibilities for our common future.

WASHINGTON – February 28, 2022 – (

W World Futures Day is March 1. This will be the ninth year that futurists and the general public will conduct a 24-hour, round-the-world conversation on the future on March 1 at 12 noon in whatever time zone they are in. Each year, total strangers discuss ideas about possible worlds of tomorrow in a relaxed, open, no-agenda conversation. Futures research and studies are shared, new ideas come up, and new collaborations and friendships are made. 

The Millennium Project, a global foresight participatory think tank, will host this conversation on the future in collaboration with the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), Humanity+, the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF).

“Anybody can pull up a cyber-chair at this global table and join the discussion on ZOOM at:,” says Jerome Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project. “Whatever time zone you are in, you are invited at 12:00 noon in your time zone. People drop in and out as they like. If people can’t come online at 12 noon, they are welcome to come online before or after that time as well.”

Each year, for the past eight years, global thought leaders have shared their views about future global issues, such as future consequences of COVID-19, governing artificial intelligence, inventing future concepts of work, building space elevators to orbital cities, reducing climate change, guaranteeing safe water and energy, fighting transnational organized crime, developing future forms of democracy, countering information warfare, incorporating global ethics in decisionmaking, enforcing safety standards for synthetic biology, and the future of humanity. Who knows what will be discussed this year? You can also share your ideas on social media: #worldfuturesday #WFD.

“For the third time, we will be joined by Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer, at 12 noon East Coast US time, and Theodore Gordon, Futurist pioneer, at 9 AM East Coast US time. Gordon was a Futurist pioneer at RAND, Institute for the Future, Futures Group, and Co-Founder of The Millennium Project,” according to Glenn. 

A side event called “World Futures Day – Young Voices,” co-organized by Teach the Future and The Millennium Project together with other partners and friends, will make sure that young people are also part of the conversation

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Join a 24-Hour Round-the-World Conversation to Celebrate World Futures Day, Hosted by the Millennium Project

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