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J&M Tree Service Redlands Handles 3 Different Tree Maintenance Procedures Simultaneously


Redlands, California – When J&M Tree Service Redlands received a call from three different clients who needed the company’s help instantly, the company decided to handle their needs simultaneously. One customer needed her trees improved with tree trimming, a second customer wanted to improve his tree’s safety with tree pruning, while a third customer wanted to get rid of a tree that was threatening to fall.


“J&M Tree Service Redlands has been in the tree service business for more than 25 years,” said the company’s CEO. “Within this period, the company has managed to build special teams for each tree maintenance procedure. Right now, the company has a special tree trimming team, a special team that handles tree pruning, and a special team that handles tree removal procedures.”

The CEO told a group of reporters that his company has also been investing heavily in modern tree maintenance tools. J&M Tree Service Redlands has reportedly ensured that each team has its own set of machines.

“The goal from the beginning was to ensure that the company’s teams no longer have to wait on each other,” said the CEO. “To give you an example, if the tree pruning team would have needed to wait for the tree trimming team to complete its job on one of the client’s landscapes, then they would have delayed the tree pruning for the second client.”

The CEO indicated that each team is set up with its tools which range from bucket trucks, cranes, modern cutting tools, and advanced safety gear.

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“When handling procedures on landscapes in Redlands and suburbs like Ordway, South Redlands, San Timeteo-Live Oak Canyon, North Redlands, West Redlands / Northwest Redlands, Warner, and Downtown Redlands,” said the J&M Tree Service Redlands CEO, “the company’s teams rely on more than just modern tree service tools. Each team boasts decades of tree service experience. Taking advantage of this experience, the teams make the riskiest tree service procedures safe.”

The CEO indicated that when the first customer called to request tree trimming, she was in the process of selling her home. The homeowner—Jackline—wanted to take advantage of tree trimming to improve the appearance of her curb appeal to attract a high home price. According to the homeowner, her home valuer was supposed to arrive on her landscape in less than 2 days.

“When the company’s tree trimming team improved Jackeline’s trees on the same day she called to request the tree maintenance service,” said the company’s CEO, “the homeowner was extremely impressed. To thank the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Redlands, the homeowner ended up sending J&M Tree Service Redlands an extra $200 as a thank you.”

The CEO noted that the tree pruning client was dealing with several trees that were showing signs of dropping branches on his landscape. The homeowner wanted the tree pruned as soon as possible to reduce the risk of property damage and injuries.

“Seeing the Redlands tree pruning team on the landscape an hour after calling the office was extremely impressive for the tree pruning client—Mr. Alonzo,” said the J&M Tree Service Redlands CEO. “The team restored safety in Alonzo’s landscape without charging him extremely high prices. The homeowner confirmed that he would recommend the company’s services to family and friends.”

Finally, J&M Tree Service Redlands reportedly handled an emergency tree removal for a homeowner who was trying to beat a city deadline. By responding to the customer’s request quickly, J&M Tree Service Redlands reportedly helped the homeowner avoid paying $10,000 in fines.

J&M Tree Service Redlands plans all its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation at 1826 Orange Tree Ln, Redlands, CA 92374, United States. Homeowners can order tree maintenance services from the company via +1 909-473-4471 and [email protected]

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