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Jeff Howard, Hawaii’s Billion Dollar Volume Loan Officer Launches His National VA Home Loan Benefit Webinar: The Power of The VA Home Loan Benefit Webinar

The VA Home Loan was established in 1944 by the United States government to assist returning service individuals and families in getting a mortgage during or after their military service.

The Power of the VA Home Loan Benefit Webinar has been made available by Jeff Howard, the Founder of Veteran Mortgage Source and its National Director of Education. The webinar covers the fundamentals of using the VA Home Loan Entitlement, including mortgage terminology, the VA Home Loan, and examples of wealth creation through the real estate industry. 

The goal is to empower every single veteran and aware of his VA Home Loan Benefit that he earned by offering exceptional services. Buying a home, according to Jeff, is not a choice for veterans but rather an extension of their service. They require ownership of a piece of the land they fought so hard to protect. Based on historical loan volume for residential home loans, Jeff is one of Hawaii’s few Billion Dollar Loan Officers. Nearly all of his experience comes from providing VA Home Loans to Active Military and Veterans. The perspective is to get this valuable information out to Active Military, Veterans, and Realtors as the vision moves into a more administrative and national leadership role. The webinar is available at

In addition to the webinar, the VA Home Loan Purchase Guide is a step-by-step path explained to getting easy VA Loan Financing for the dream home. It is now available for Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Washington, and Southern California. Furthermore, the Hawaii Veteran’s Mortgage Source branch has the most comprehensive Oahu PCS Guide offered.

Shortly, Jeff Howard plans to launch Realtor VA Bootcamps in Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. Some companies are hesitant to use the word “veteran” in their name for the fright of attracting other types of businesses. Still, Veteran Mortgage Source is committed to improving the financial literacy of the active military and veteran social groups.

Buying or Refinancing a Home is no more a hassle for any military serviceman as VA mortgages have built-in features that allow a loan to get refinanced to a lower interest rate without having to meet all of the requirements of a traditional loan. It is known as an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). And it allows the veteran to obtain a lower interest rate without the need for credit checks, appraisals, or income or asset authentication, as well as the ability to roll the transaction fees into the loan, resulting in no out-of-pocket expenses.

Currently, the company operates in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. But more are more states to be added soon. The Veteran’s Mortgage Source gets regarded as one of the most technologically advanced VA lenders in their respective areas. It is also one of the most innovative social media companies in the country. For some of the most heartrending and creative videos of Veterans celebrating house ownership, check out @veteransmortgagesource on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. It features many of The Veteran’s Mortgage Source’s top loan officers like Adam Karalius, Cole Stephens, Lovely Ulch, Marysol Ruiz, Ridge Nelson, and Zach Farkas.

For more information, please visit their website

Instagram/YouTube/Facebook: @veteransmortgagesource

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The Veteran’s Mortgage Source is powered by Celebrity Home Loans NMLS #227765.

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