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Jason Ng from Daylight Realty Reveals the Keys to Success in Real Estate

“Sincerity, honesty and commitment – those are the principle traits of any good realtor,” says Jason Ng.

But according to Jason Ng, who works in the Vancouver real estate sector, it’s about so much more than that. Being a good realtor is about a fundamental working knowledge and understanding of your market.

Thankfully, Ng was well prepared for the challenges and rigours of Vancouver realty since his parents first forayed into the real estate market when he was just a child.

In this feature interview, Jason Ng has agreed to share the factors that helped him become a successful realtor in Vancouver.

He says that while buying or selling the clients should have total trust and confidence in the capabilities of their realtor. On the realtor’s part, Jason Ng thinks that those looking to get into the industry should be completely sincere and truthful with their clients to foster their trust.

“I can tell with confidence that I often get referrals from satisfied clients. This matters a lot in the Real estate business since a substantial amount of money is involved in buying and selling property and trust is the key to the whole game,” Jason Ng shares.

He says that he reviews all the options for his clients so that they can make their own decisions. He also believes that buying is much more difficult than selling.

“While buying, you have lots of choices, you can buy a new house or an old house, at a close or far away location. Sometimes older homes could present a better development potential than freshly built homes,” suggests Jason Ng.

The veteran realtor says that realtors should always keep their clients’ unique needs in mind. 

“If clients have children, having good schools nearby could be one of their top considerations,” says Jason Ng.

“I try my best to help my clients pick and choose by analyzing all possible options with them. It is my job as a good realtor to explain the pros and cons behind every area and every property. At the end of the day, it is their decision and we as realtors are just facilitators,” he adds.

Ng says that he aims to provide enough information and market analysis to his clients so that they can make good decisions and have confidence in the decisions they make.

Ng believes that realtors often find selling to be easier than purchasing property.  This is because it doesn’t involve the various options that are involved with buying.

Ng thinks that the realtor’s job when selling property is to explain the market situation to their clients. He believes that a thorough knowledge of aspects such as the transactions history of the area within the last few months as well as information about its future prospect helps clients select the right price and conditions when selling.

“We try to position the property in the current market so that we can sell at the right price,” adds the Vancouver realtor.

Jason Ng said that helping his clients make the right decision brings him immense joy.

“It should make any realtor happy to see their clients arrive at the right and mature decision since buying or selling property is such an important decision in anyone’s life.”

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