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Jacob’s Ladder Advises to Beware Blackwater

Blackwater floods are dangerous, so always let professionals assess the risk and mitigate the damage.

(PRUnderground) January 26th, 2022

Blackwater floods are the most destructive and the most dangerous of all home flooding catastrophes. There are different kinds of water that are considered to be “blackwater,” but, in most cases, these kinds of floods will require exceptional attention and care from water restoration professionals.  This is because blackwater harbors harmful bacteria and dangerous pathogens, so, due to the contamination and the possible health risks associated with the resulting water damage, the utmost caution should be exercised if blackwater is suspected to be involved in a home flooding emergency. It is highly recommended that you call a water restoration specialist to evaluate any situation before attempting to handle it yourself.

Water damage comes in many forms and from many different kinds of water. The Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is responsible for determining the various categories of water damage, and how any water damage is mitigated is directly dependent on the kind of wastewater involved in the incident. Category 1 water, also called “clean water,” is floodwater that does not pose an immediate threat to health from exposure, and it usually comes from malfunctioning appliances, melting snow, or rainwater. Clean water floods are usually safe for you to clean up yourself as long as it is remedied in an immediate time frame (within 48 hours). Category 2 water, also known as “greywater,” is wastewater that is specifically not contaminated with human waste. It can come from any source excluding wastewater from toilets, so sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers are all potential sources of greywater contamination. More care should be taken when handling Category 2 water damage. Protective gear is recommended, and exposure to contaminated materials (carpeting, furniture, etc.) should be kept to an absolute minimum. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to safely clean and decontaminate the affected area. Category 3 water — blackwater — is wastewater contaminated with human waste and other pathogens or toxins. Sewage and flooding that includes river, lake, or seawater are considered to be blackwater, although wastewater from food-preparation sinks and dishwashers may also be considered to be blackwater. It is emphatically advised to let water restoration professionals handle any flooding or water damage that is suspected to have been caused by blackwater, most importantly because of the serious health risks associated with it.

About Jacob’s Ladder Roofing and Restoration

The Jacob’s Ladder Team specializes in various restoration services, including roofing, water damage restoration, emergency services (roof inspections, property restoration due to storms other incidents, and more). In 2016, Jacob’s Ladder was voted the best damage restoration contractor, not only in Lexington KY, but on a national scale.

What separates Jacob’s Ladder from other contractors and restoration specialists is the volume of high-quality services in which we offer. For example, although we take pride in our roofing services, we also provide expert damage restoration, helping residents all over Kentucky when they need us most. With unrivaled skills, a friendly team, and the desire to help others as a result of natural disasters or other events, Jacob’s Ladder is here for you. To find out more about the team, our mission, and the services on offer, you can visit our about us page.

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