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Jacksonville Tree Service Experts Urgently Remove Highly Infected Trees and Disinfect The Yard To Prevent Further Spread

Jacksonville, Florida – After an outbreak of a mysterious tree infection in Jacksonville, Leone, a homeowner in Jacksonville, was left with more than 20 dying trees in her yard.

“My small daughter was playing around the yard with her friends when she noticed some trees were dying,” explained Leone. “She came and told me what she had seen, and I went to confirm because, at times, kids tend to exaggerate things too much.”

Jacksonville Tree Pruning

“To my shock,” continued Leone, “I found around 25 dying trees in the yard.”

Reportedly, the family had used a tree care company based in Jacksonville to inspect the trees a few days ago. He added that the family learned about Jacksonville Tree Service Experts from their neighbor.

“I couldn’t understand how the trees were dying, and yet they had been inspected by people who claimed to be professionals, and they said they were okay,” said Leone.

“Having never used a tree care company again earlier,” said Leone, “the situation left me doubting the so-called tree care professionals. Therefore, after noticing many dying trees in the yard, I was ready to remove them alone. My wife, however, was not buying the idea of me removing them alone. She was apprehensive about my safety, so she suggested we seek assistance or leads for good tree removal professionals from our neighbors. I agreed with her because searching for a tree care company online landed us into a company that couldn’t recognize the infection early enough for treatment.”

“We visited my friend’s home, and after explaining the situation with our trees,” continued Leone, “to our shock, he said that his trees had suffered from the same infection. He also noted that many other families had experienced the same thing.”

“He then revealed to us that Jacksonville Tree Service Experts is the company that helped him save his trees since the team discovered the infection early enough for treatment,” said Leone. “He also revealed that he had referred many other families whose trees had the same infections to the company, and they were all impressed with its service.”

To see how Jacksonville Tree Service Experts help homeowners improve the health of their trees, visit the company web page:

“He gave us the company contacts number, but before we gave them a call,” said Leone, “we had to research the company online.”

“After typing its name on Google,” continued Leone, “the results directed us to its website and then its media room. Whatever was on the two pages reflected how my friend had described the company. We, therefore, were convinced that giving them a trial wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

“My wife went ahead and contacted the company via call,” noted Leone. “She explained what we needed, and the team was on our doorstep a few minutes after the call.”

“I took them to the yard, and they started working immediately,” said Leone.

“3 hours later,” continued Leone, “the team was done cutting the trees. They also removed the stamps and then cleaned the yard.”

Leone revealed that the Jacksonville Tree Service Experts gave them clear guidelines to prevent the remaining trees from catching the deadly infection.

“Before leaving,” said Leone, “the team disinfected the yard and gave us some clear guidelines to prevent the other trees from getting infected.”

“We are impressed with the results generated by Jacksonville Tree Service Experts,” said Leone. “ While we initially thought the success stories in the company’s media room were exaggerated, the results generated by this company in our home were just as impressive. Our trees are extra healthy and going strong.”

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts is located at 14382 Pelican Bay Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 904-867-3524 or


For more information about Jacksonville Tree Service Experts, contact the company here:

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts
Beatrice Lindesy
14382 Pelican Bay Ct, Jacksonville FL, 32224

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