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Jack and Jill Johnson Explain Why It’s Prime Time to Invest in a Franchise

Not every franchise opportunity is created equal. In fact, there are many factors that go into whether or not a particular franchise is a good investment. The top franchises usually have certain characteristics in common. But how do you know what those characteristics are and which franchise is right for you?

“There are literally thousands of franchises out there,” says The Franchise Insiders’ CEO Jack Johnson. “And the chances of a novice franchise investor getting the ideal franchise match right are not always good.” That is, of course, unless they have a franchise expert guiding them.

Jack and his wife Jill have an extensive background in franchising, and over this time, they have perfected what it takes to match successful aspiring business owners with their best franchise investment.

Before delving into the franchise consulting business, the Johnson family founded the Home Care Assistance franchise. This system eventually earned a top ranking in the prestigious Franchise 500 in Entrepreneur Magazine and grew to hundreds of locations.

Franchises have a lower failure rate than start-ups.

According to Johnson, “Franchises are more successful than startups because they use a business model that has already been successful, while startups make adjustments to their business model as they go – which is not very predictable or cost efficient.”

In other words, franchises allow people to become entrepreneurs with a lot less risk and a lot more predictability.

“You get to take a brand and a proven game plan that worked in another town and bring it to your town and follow the same formula for success,” says Jack.

“We have a whole slew of tools that can help our clients find their best franchise fit. When they take our free franchise owner personality assessment, we can even show them the types of franchises where they compare to very high performers.”

Johnson says putting their clients in the best position to win is what they do. He continues, “[Why] just the other day we got a call from a client who generated $25,000 in revenue on the first day of operation with a franchise we found for him.”

Jill Johnson says that she loves the freedom that franchise ownership brings its clients.

“Unlike a job, you can keep all the profits, work whenever and wherever you choose, and no one can fire you.” Jill believes that franchise ownership is the new American Dream. “Think of it this way – when you work in a job you are typically living paycheck to paycheck – not getting ahead – just getting by. “When you own a franchise, with every day you work, you are building equity in your business. The more successful it is, the more money you make, the more people you hire, the more your business turns into a passive income stream that makes you money – even while you aren’t working.”

When you invest in a franchise, you are granted the rights to utilize your franchisor’s brand and intellectual property in your territory.

Because franchises are typically well-known, getting clients is easier and more predictable than starting your own business from scratch.

The Johnsons recommend that potential franchisees speak with current franchise owners who are already running a similar franchise. This will give them a more realistic idea of what it’s like to run the business on a daily basis. The Johnsons also provide their clients with important questions to ask these franchisees.

Jack and Jill’s ability to assist clients in determining the best franchises for them has helped hundreds of people successfully become franchise owners.

Jack and Jill have over 20 years of real-world franchising experience. They help clients choose the right franchise for their goals, interests and budget.

Jack and Jill have helped many clients achieve great success as franchise owners. The testimonials page on their website includes many success stories, including a client who recently grossed $1.5M in her second year of business with a franchise the Johnsons found for her.

The Franchise Insiders represents more than 500 thoroughly investigated and pre-screened top franchise opportunities and over 600 happy clients. The company is also one of 2022’s Top Franchise Brokers.

“The goal is to help more people discover our award-winning free service to help them choose the right franchise to invest in and build wealth,” Jack said.

“People seeking a new career or to diversify, while keeping their job, can find the right franchise with our help. We strive to help people build multimillion-dollar retirement assets through franchising.”

Learn more about the Johnsons and how they can help you find the right franchise at

The Franchise Insiders

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