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Is Regenerative Medicine The Answer To Joint Pain Treatment? A Look Into QC Kinetix (Doral)’s Back Pain Treatment

Miami, FL – (NewMediaWire) – June 23, 2022 – via QC Kinetix — Over 65 million Americans suffer from acute or chronic back pain. Of the general population of back pain victims, 16 million experience chronic or persistent back pain that has affected the quality of their lives. With the numbers growing annually, there’s a need to provide a lasting solution to this problem.

Many victims of back pain have admitted to its limiting effect. Victims have complained repeatedly about their inability to carry out normal daily tasks due to the pain in their back region. This may limit their ability to work or function at work, creating more problems.

Currently, the major treatment for back pain has been using medications. Back pain victims are mostly placed under medication and advised to stay away from activities that may strain their backs. However, this solution is not feasible in the long run, especially as victims may become dependent on medications to live their lives. The growing problem, coupled with the reality that as much as 80% of Americans will suffer back pain at some point in their lives, has driven the team at QC Kinetix (Doral) into action.

QC Kinetix (Doral) is a pain treatment clinic with offices spread across the nation. They have been researching joint pain, especially back pain and its treatment for years. Their research has focused on natural treatment therapies and addressing joint-related problems through less complicated and less risky means. Having spent years on their research, they’re now offering regenerative medicine treatments as an alternative to common invasive procedures like surgery and medication dependence. Through their regenerative medicine approach, they have been able to help many patients, improve the quality of their lives, and reduce the complications and risks associated with joint pain treatment.

Their treatment center in Miami, Florida, has seen many residents of the area suffering from all forms of joint pain, including back pain. Their treatment providers take a personalized approach to patient treatment, ensuring that patients are educated on the treatment modalities offered and their questions are answered satisfactorily.

Speaking to educate more victims of joint pain who wish to learn more about their Doral office, the clinic’s spokesperson said: “Living with chronic pain and discomfort isn’t easy. It makes even the simplest movements or actions incredible hurdles that seem almost impossible to overcome. Unfortunately, many Americans turn to addictive medications or costly surgeries to curb their ongoing agony. However, QC Kinetix provides the Doral community with non-surgical regenerative therapies that eliminate pain naturally, improving your activity, sleep, and overall quality of life.”

The clinic is open to all patients suffering from acute and chronic lower back pain. The clinic’s spokesperson noted that lower back pain could occur from various activities, including poor posture, back strain due to heavy lifting, sports injuries, pregnancy, etc. He added that their treatment providers are happy to see and attend to patients suffering from this discomforting condition. The treatment providers are familiar with addressing common problems, including sciatica, bad back problems, or back aches caused by car accidents.

More than back pain, the clinic is also open to people who suffer from knee and knee-related problems. The treatment providers have had good testimonies treating patients who suffered from knee pain caused by fractures, dislocations, sports injuries to the knee, knee tears and sprains, etc. They are also happy to address patients who have been told to undergo surgery for common knee complications like Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain or MCL injury, Meniscal or cartilage tears, tendon tears, anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL), and posterior cruciate ligament injuries.

Victims of shoulder pain caused by common conditions like arthritis, bone spurs, broken shoulder or arm bone, bursitis, pinched nerves, or torn cartilage are also welcome at the clinic. The treatment providers have spread their regenerative medicine treatment to cover other joint-related injuries affecting the elbow, ankle, wrist, hip, foot, hand, finger, toe, and tendons and ligaments.

“We utilize the latest natural regenerative therapies to help decrease inflammation, improve pain, and repair injured or degenerated tissues. Our patient experience is unparalleled in the medical field, as we provide a concierge level of service throughout your entire clinical experience. Not only will you be treated with the highest level of service and respect, you will also be fully educated about your condition, your treatment options, and whether or not you are a candidate for any of the therapies we offer,” said a treatment provider at the clinic.

Interested persons can schedule a consultation appointment with the treatment team at QC Kinetix (Doral) via phone at (305) 381-9000. For more information, the clinic is located at 730 NW 107th Ave, Suite 210, Miami, FL, 33172, or visit their website for driving directions.

Source: GetFeatured

Company Name: QC Kinetix (Doral)

Contact Person: Scott Hoots

Phone: (305) 381-9000

Address: 730 NW 107th Ave, Suite 210

City: Miami

State: FL

Postal Code: 33172

Country: USA


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