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Introspectively Styled, an apparel brand that combines introspection and minimalism with a South Asian twist of self-love

An emerging casual apparel brand, Introspectively Styled, strives to promote positivity through a unique clothing line. Introspectively Styled spreads the message of self-love and mindfulness. The company produces eco-friendly and minimalist casual wear for men, women, and children residing in Canada and the US.

Introspectively Styled came into being as a result of clarity and finding a purpose. The founder, Rathi Sahgal created Introspectively Styled when she had an epiphany to “Change the Narrative”. Since its inception, Introspectively Styled has been all about spreading a vital message of self-love and self-care. The company stands for the narrative of taking care of one’s own self while helping others and taking care of others’ happiness as well. This stance of Introspectively Styled is depicted on the company’s apparel products.

Introspectively Styled specializes in creating Introspective clothes with a deeper meaning. The company uses casually-styled clothes to inform people about finding a greater purpose and meaning in life. Most importantly, the clothes spread the message of self-love, which allows people to enjoy their solitude and take time for themselves. Furthermore, these clothes have hints of South Asian culture and language. This culture can be seen in various phrases used on the products such as Pyar (Love), Shukriya (Gratitude), Shubh (Good), Shanti (Peace), and more.

The owner and founder of Introspectively Styled said: “This company is to build a new community of people of all ages or who want to spread intentions and messages of fulfillment and self-love – With a twist on words! A new way to incorporate culture and mindfulness. Can’t wait for you all to join in on the journey and share your story too! When the Universe speaks to you … listen.” 

The products at Introspectively Styled, are currently available only in Canada and the USA. These apparel products include T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, crop tops, one-piece swimsuits, and more. Moreover, these products are available for men, women, and kids. In addition to these apparel products, Introspectively Styled also has a collection of journals, throw blankets, tote bags, and more.

The company produces eco-friendly, nature-loving, organic products that are safe for the environment. In addition to that, Introspectively Styled does not mass produce clothes. The company only prepares clothes when a customer places an order. In this way, Introspectively Styled is taking a giant step in avoiding textile waste and enforcing a positive style of running an apparel brand.

About Introspectively Styled:

Created in September 2021, Introspectively Styled is a clothing brand that produces clothes for introspection, self-love, deeper meaning of life, and fulfillment. The company produces casual and minimal clothes with a twist of South Asian culture and language. Introspectively Styled is a South Asian woman-owned brand. Moreover, Introspectively Styled is looking forward to giving away a portion of the profit to charity, hence spreading the message of love and care.

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Company Name: Introspectively Styled
Contact Person: Rathi Sahgal
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Country: United States

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