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Introducing United Market, a business management and collaboration platform for music production professionals like, music producers, DJs, engineers and A&Rs.

United Market is an all-around platform that creates transparency for creatives behind the scenes and improves efficiency for professionals in the music production space. United Market serves as a digital manager for professionals to manage client flow, communication, bookings, and much more.

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The music production process requires the collaboration of various professionals, from music producers, mixing engineers, audio engineers, and many more. When looking at the music business, it is easy to see that professionals in music production need management platforms to streamline their work, which is exactly what United Market provides.

United Market is a digital business platform for creatives who work behind the scenes in the music industry. This platform has been received a lot of praise from music production professionals. The app ensures that the music production community has a safe and secure space to collaborate, grow, and manage their businesses. Along with connecting with one another, United Market helps professionals in music production connect with artists, A&Rs, and provides opportunities to level up their careers. People can communicate with clients through the United Market app, receive beats and loops without worrying about storage, and get paid on time, every time. Whatever services are on offer, anyone can list them on their profile and allow clients to book in-app. 

“We are a platform that is “For the Community, By the Community,” and we stand on that. United Market ensures that the app is a safe space to work and become better at your craft. Our goal is to make sure that you reach yours, and that’s what we’re going to do!”

The music production creative can easily manage their time and projects with United Market, making it a digital manager that tracks growth too. Whether it be goal setting and income tracking to daily reminders, you can watch yourself grow on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

The app gives people access to new projects, connects to clients, and even makes it easy to handle meetings via in-app communication. In addition to this, creatives can also manage their daily tasks, reminders, goals, subscribe to favorite musicians and songwriters, and check their weekly and monthly progress. 

“The United Market team has curated this app to work perfectly for all playmakers behind the scenes, making a song a hit. We’ve worked with some producers in the world as well as producers and engineers just starting. We did this to cater to everybody in the music industry and their specific needs.” 

To gain access to the buzzing United Market community, professionals like music producers, recording engineers, and more need to create their profiles. Downloading the app and setting up a profile is quick, easy, and immediately gives access to all features of United Market. With a proper business profile done, connecting with clients and getting paid becomes easier as the app tracks every project. It also helps music production professionals get noticed and booked by paying clients. “We help you get your skills out there to get booked for your services more often and invoice your clients on demand.”

Creatives using United Market can also leverage the app features to establish an audience that is focused on business, collaboration, and helping professionals grow their business. “Stay up to date with your favorite music producer, audio engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, recording engineer, loop maker, beatmaker, and be the first to know when they are offering collabs or other opportunities of interest.”

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