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Introducing Lawrence Leyderman & His Breathtaking Overlanding Photography

300Magazine is excited to introduce Lawrence Leyderman, a talented overlanding photographer capturing exquisite landscapes in creative ways.

(PRUnderground) July 28th, 2021

The international art magazine 300Magazine is excited to introduce Lawrence Leyderman, an overlanding outdoor photographer traveling to remote and secluded locations to capture the beauty of nature and landscapes rarely photographed professionally. Once a real estate & architectural photographer in New York, the artist now dedicates his life to his two biggest passions: photography and adventure. Not only is he a professional photographer, but he is also an educator leading overlanding photography workshops in his free time.

Lawrence Leyderman has been an explorer at heart since he was a boy. As a child, he used to live in a town where everything felt artificial and out of sync. He craved to break free from the concrete jungle and become closer to something more real and organic – nature. It all started with documenting trips on camera. At that very moment, Lawrence Leyderman ascertained one fact: photography was something he was meant to do for the rest of his existence.

While working as a real estate & architectural photographer in New York City, Lawrence Leyderman tended to spend his downtime by having short-term trips. It was a wonderful opportunity for an art enthusiast to sharpen his skills and enhance his knowledge of photography. From the white tops of the mountains to the lonely tumbleweeds of the deserts, he captured everything he could. With time, the passion grew into a professional overlanding photography career that the artist has been passionately pursuing since then.

Overlanding photography is a distinct blend of hardcore traveling and photography. Driving off-highway capable cars and living on the road full-time, travel photographers try to reach challenging yet rare destinations where they can capture the nature, history, life, and culture of the land. Either a 100-mile trip or 10,000-mile expedition, one of the primary goals of the journey is to take photos of the sheer beauty of the landscapes that have been rarely, or never before, photographed. The philosophy of overlanding photography lies not in conquering obstacles but rather in exploring the wonderful world around.

As an overlanding photographer, Lawrence Leyderman is exceptionally enthusiastic about the process of creation. To say that photography is his favorite hobby or job would be a gross understatement. Photography is in his blood, and the artist will go to great lengths just to find the most faraway place and get a stunning shot. Besides, he shares his knowledge with others by running practical workshops. The mission of the man behind the camera is to inspire people, make them dream, get outdoors, enjoy nature, create happy memories, promote art, become artists, and make their lives meaningful.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Leyderman

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