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Introducing iMe’s CryptoBoxes and Crypto Donations in Telegram. LIME burning algorithm

NICOSIA, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / January 18 2022 / The Telegram-based messenger iMe is adding two new exciting features that will push the mass adoption of crypto right in chats.

CryptoBoxes is a new feature set to be a game-changer for owners running Telegram groups/channels and crypto Donations in LIME tokens leverage monetization opportunities for resource owners and get their community to support them. iMe is the first messaging platform with crypto tools that may bring extensive benefits both for subscribers and resource owners. And these functionalities are taking the “social-only” dimension of Telegram and transforming it with real-use crypto functionalities.

CryptoBoxes – Rewarding community members made easy and fun

CryptoBoxes will afford a fun and easy way for Telegram groups and channels to reward their community members. Through this innovative mechanism, any group or channel owner can reward their subscribers in crypto assets.

CryptoBoxes contain LIME tokens (bep20, Polygon’s coming soon), the iMe project’s native tokens. Telegram channels admins can use the native and user-friendly settings of CryptoBoxes to reward the subscribers of a channel or group.

Users of both, iMe as well Telegram, will be able to see the CryptoBoxes created by the owner of their favorite group/channel. However, subscribers of a community can get the rewards from CryptoBoxes only via the iMe app.

Owners of groups and channels will benefit from the increased engagement of their communities by rewarding them and will also be able to attract more subscribers using this mechanism. The subscribers, on the other hand, get LIME rewards from the CryptoBoxes. LIME tokens have a host of utilities and can be used to access features and functionalities within the iMe platform in future.

The part of LIME tokens charged as commission for creating CryptoBoxes will be accumulated in the iMe special account and burned. This serves to deplete the overall circulation of the LIME token, thereby decreasing its supply. In the future, the commission for creating CryptoBoxes will be charged in popular stable coins like USDT/USDC. Commissions from these transactions collected by iMe will be used to buy LIME tokens off from the market every month to be burned further on, adding more rarity to the LIME tokens.

LIME donations – Supporting resource creators becomes easy

A new donation option in LIME tokens will bring content creators and readers closer together, uniting everyone under the umbrella of decentralized finance!

Once the functionality is rolled out, content creators will be able to use monetization opportunities from the useful content they create and the subscribers to their channels get an easy and seamless option to support their content creation by donating them in LIME tokens.

An owner of the Telegram channel or group will only need to specify the address of their iMe crypto wallet or any third-party address in the profile settings of the channel or group. The linked address should belong to the BSC network (Ethereum compatible) in order to accept LIME BEP20 tokens.

When a user of the Telegram channel or group wants to send donations, they can simply do so with several clicks only. A user needs to have an activated iMe crypto wallet and a positive LIME balance for this.

This feature empowers content creators to monetize their content and allows content consumers the opportunity to support their favorite content creators with crypto.

iMe is bringing crypto closer (and faster) to the masses

The two new features – CryptoBoxes and LIME Donations – are set to change the long-standing status quo both in the chat apps industry and the broader crypto world. iMe is bridging the two worlds and has literally flung the door leading to the mass crypto adoption wide open.

Both features enrich the way in which users interact within a group or channel. They provide a never-before opportunity for what was thought of as a simple chat ecosystem and deliver value over and above mere social interactions with the addition of useful features and the direct application of crypto assets within the chats.

Polygon integration is coming soon to iMe. It will enable iMe’s community to enjoy fast and low-cost transactions in the app. LIME will also go live on Polygon pretty soon.

About iMe Smart Platform

iMe is an ecosystem containing the Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, DeFi tools, and its native utility token LIME. The app allows sending crypto in a few clicks, making crypto transactions fast, secure and hassle-free. iMe is the first to add Binance Pay functionality into the messaging ecosystem, which is available now in the iMe app for Android and iOS users.

Any iMe user can send cryptocurrencies they hold in their iMe wallet to any of their contacts via their Telegram handles in a matter of seconds. With robust DeFi capabilities integrated into the messenger (Uniswap, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, PancakeSwap), iMe is on a mission to make DeFi more accessible to a wider population.

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