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Intelligent Agriculture is the Medium and Long-term Development Direction of Future Agriculture

Recently, XIN Fanglei expressed her views on the development prospects of modern agriculture in an interview, “Intelligent Agriculture is the inevitable path for the development of China’s agricultural modernization, and it is also the medium and long-term development direction of agriculture in the future. The most important thing to realize intelligent agriculture is to vigorously develop agricultural science and technology. The application of agricultural technology will contribute to the promotion of agricultural modernization and realize the information recording, intelligent analysis, automatic control and precise management of the whole process of agricultural production. In addition, intelligent agriculture can also help alleviate the pressure on the market circulation of agricultural products, coordinate urban and rural development, accelerate the extension of the agricultural industry chain, and realize the integration of multiple industries.”

XIN Fanglei, a well-known agricultural technology expert in China, graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and then studied for an MBA at Wuhan University. For more than ten years, XIN has always paid attention to the development of agriculture and actively explored new ideas for the development of intelligent agriculture. She has many innovative applications and landing solutions in the technological achievements of advanced agricultural intelligence, digital agriculture platforms, and intelligent agriculture. Moreover, she has promoted the transformation of China’s agricultural development mode with the innovation of agricultural science and technology, guided the development of Chinese agriculture to green, high-quality, and characteristic development to form a high-quality, efficient, and dynamic modern agricultural industry system, which has improved the ability of agricultural production to respond to natural environmental risks, and turned the disadvantaged traditional agriculture into a highly efficient modern industry. For example, “Monitoring and Early Warning System of Pest and Disease Data Information Based on Cloud Computing Platform” developed by her has improved the capacity and benefits of comprehensive agricultural production, protected and improved the ecological environment, enhanced the ability of sustainable agricultural development, and promoted the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. In view of the irreplaceable nature of her contribution, XIN Fanglei has also won many national honors.

In the process of agricultural planting, pests and diseases are undoubtedly the most troublesome part of agricultural workers and related agricultural technical service departments. In the past agricultural production, most of the pest monitoring work was done by professional and technical personnel, which often required a lot of manpower and material resources, and could not meet the needs of timely forecasting of pests; At the same time, the scientificity and safety of pesticide use need to be paid attention to, in order to prescribe the right medicine for the types of diseases and insect pests to promote green prevention and control. If the minor diseases and insect pests are not well treated, they are very likely to evolve into major diseases and insect disasters. In this context, the emergence of “Monitoring and Early Warning System of Pest and Disease Data Information Based on Cloud Computing Platform” developed by XIN Fanglei has undoubtedly provided solid technical support for the prevention of major pests and diseases.

The system is mainly composed of a pest monitoring subsystem, user terminal, cloud server and big data network platform. The application of this system can not only achieve real-time remote monitoring of crops, monitor and diagnose the status of diseases and insect pests, but also adjust the proportion and delivery of pesticides and fertilizers in a targeted manner. This can effectively prevent and control pests, provide intelligent and automated management decision-making, help agricultural practitioners manage farmland intelligently, and improve the efficiency of agricultural production and operation. It is understood that more than tens of millions of farmers around the world have used the technological achievement, which not only reduces the output of unhealthy agricultural products, but reduces the input cost of production materials such as seeds, substrates, and nutrient solutions by 15%, while increasing the output of agricultural products by 15%.

Eat a day, as the original. History has proved that agriculture is the “ballast stone” for contingency and new development, and the “Essence of the country” that has a bearing on the overall situation. XIN Fanglei demonstrated to the world China’s scientific and technological innovation strength in the field of intelligent agriculture. The resonance of digital technology and intelligent agriculture has brought new opportunities and changes to the black soil and opened a new era of increasing agricultural production and income.

According to the prediction of relevant market research institutes, by 2025, the global intelligent agriculture market will reach about 70 billion U.S. dollars, of which China’s intelligent agriculture market is expected to exceed 12 billion U.S. Dollars. It is believed that with the empowerment of various new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and blockchain, and the promotion of outstanding agricultural science and technology elites such as XIN Fanglei, the development of China’s intelligent agriculture will be further accelerated, and the future market growth will also be faster. Regarding the future, as a practitioner and leader in the field of smart agriculture, she said that she will move forward courageously, adhere to the vision of shaping the future of agriculture with science and technology, and create a global science and technology agriculture ecology, to provide all-dimensional intelligent agricultural solutions for agricultural practitioners and agricultural organizations all over China and even Asia and the world, so as to make great contribution to the prosperity and sustainable development of intelligent agriculture.

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