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Indianapolis Exterminator Helping Residents With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a particular pest that people are not fond of finding in their home or business. These little hitchhikers get around easily and stealthily, often going unnoticed until they have had time to infest an area. Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists is helping Indianapolis residents rid their property of these tiny unwanted pests.

The history of the bed bug dates back to ancient Egypt. Just let that sink in for a minute. What many people once thought a silly nighttime phrase, these are in fact real pests that can be very overwhelming to deal with,” the business manager said. “Not many people were very familiar with them just 20 years ago because they weren’t popping up in cities everywhere. Nowadays, it seems more people are becoming aware of this nuisance of a pest.

bed bug exterminators indianapolis

Bed bugs have been around for a long time, but seemed to have been conquered at one point when DDT was discovered in 1939. Unfortunately, 60 years later this particular pest made a re-emergence that seemed to be resistant to pesticide. In low-income neighborhoods and apartments it seems that many are forced to live with a bed bug issue and this is unsettling.

Bed bugs can spread quickly so in areas where you have close proximity living quarters, the potential to obtain a bedbug issue is higher. And even without fault of your own which can be even more frustrating,” the manager said. “It’s important to inspect your room when you travel but it’s also important to routinely check your own home and living space.

Inspections can be done without the help of a professional, however, most bed bug exterminator companies prefer to do their own inspection because it helps them draft the best treatment plan. Regardless, doing an inspection can help prevent a serious problem because if they are noticed right away, it typically takes fewer treatments to resolve the issue.

However, if the problem persists, unnoticed or not, it will likely require additional treatments to completely remove them,” the manager added. “That’s why we always encourage property owners to contact an expert at the very first suspicion or discovery of bed bugs. The sooner you act the less you can expect in treatment expenses.

To schedule a bed bug inspection in Hamilton County with Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists, the company can be reached by phone or on their website. They provide bed bug services as well as other residential pest control solutions.


For more information about Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists, contact the company here:

Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists
Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists
Greenwich Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46237

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