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How To Recycle Paper Bags At Home

One of the greatest advantages paper bags have over their alternatives is that they are almost always biodegradable and recyclable, which means they don’t harm the environment and can be repurposed for other things once people have no use for them anymore. However, beyond throwing them out in the recycling bin, most people don’t have much ideas regarding paper bag recycling. This is a waste because there are many fun and creative ways to use paper bags other than to carry items with them. In this short guide, Bagitan Packaging, one of the largest paper bag manufacturers and wholesale paper bag suppliers in China, shares a few ways paper bags can be reused after they have fulfilled their primary purpose.

About Soaked Paper Bags

Before going into detail on how to recycle paper bags, it is important to address the issue concerning soaked or soiled paper first. Sometimes, the paper bag can absorb oil and other substances from the item they are carrying. This is fairly common for paper bags used as packaging for food products, like with wholesale wax paper bags, as most food items contain substances like grease that can easily get into the paper. This is worrisome because some of these substances can get very difficult to remove in the recycling plant, and can usually make the material weaker overall as well. For this reason, paper bags that have been soaked in oil are usually best disposed of in the general waste bin instead.

Recycling Clean Paper Bags

These recycling ideas work best for paper bags that are clean and mostly complete.

1.   Book Cover

One of the most common ways wholesale brown paper bags can be recycled is by using them as book covers. Spread out the paper bag into a flat plane by cutting in a straight vertical line along its corners, then use clear tape to wrap it around the book. This method can also be used for a notebook, which is perfect for kids because they can express themselves by drawing and coloring on the paper cover. Just be careful about mold and mildew, as they might transfer over to the original cover if left too long in a humid area.

2.   Arts and Crafts

Paper bags can also be scrapped and used for arts and crafts, which saves the expense of having to use brand new materials. One way to use them is by testing out different combinations of oil paint without a proper palette. They can also be torn apart into smaller pieces and used for paper mache. The rope handles of bags can also be removed and used for other purposes, as with other paper bags with handles. There are many more arts and crafts ideas on the internet that utilize recycled paper bags. The creativity of some people out there is quite impressive!

3.   Gift Wrapping

Similar to how paper bags can be used as book covers, it is also a good idea to recycle them as alternative gift wrapping as well. Doing so not only saves money they would otherwise use to buy an entire roll of gift wrapping, but it also allows them to decorate the gift wrap as they please. For example, they can write kind messages on the paper wrap or draw quirky images with crayons or colored pens.

Recycling Soiled Paper Bags

Normally, it would be best to just throw them out, but there are some ways soiled paper bags can still be recycled at home.

1.   Compost

Used paper bags can be combined with scraps and leftovers from the kitchen to make some fine compost that would go spectacularly for plants in the garden. One of the simplest ways to make compost at home is by constructing a DIY bokashi bucket. This can be done by drilling holes at the bottom of one bucket, placing it inside another bucket that is roughly the same size, then covering it with a lid.

2.   Mulch

Wholesale kraft paper bags can be shredded into tiny pieces and be used as mulch in the garden. Of course, this would take more than a single paper bag, so a bulk of paper bags must be collected first. Once enough have been accumulated, they can be spread out onto the garden to improve the quality of the soil and mitigate the growth and propagation of weeds.

Final Thoughts

Paper bags wouldn’t be as widespread as they are today if it weren’t for their versatility, which persists long after they have completed their primary task. That is why paper bag manufacturers urge their customers to recycle their paper bags and reduce the overall waste that ends up in the environment.

Bagitan Packaging is one of the best choices internationally when looking for where to buy wholesale kraft paper bags. They are well-known for the long list of transnational brands they have partnered with, which includes food packaging, and as an air sickness bag manufacturer.

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