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How to promote your website? Tips and tools

You’ve been working hard for weeks or months, finally, it’s done! Your website is finished and has just opened. It may be well built, functional, structured, aesthetic, and offer good products at an unbeatable price. But if it is not seen by the greatest number of potential customers, your work literally won’t have the impact.

Now comes the crucial step of making it known, talking about it, sharing its URL on the Web. It means to disseminate information more widely and improve your visibility.

SEO optimization, buy quality backlink, work on indexations on Google, post promotional content on other websites. The results will be measurable after only 3 to 6 months. Patience! Then, in addition to this complex optimization, you need to turn to other tools and strategies at your disposal: social networks, outreach marketing, post blog articles, and work with Google online tools. Everything could be useful to gain visibility and develop your business!
Buy backlinks of good quality
Backlinks are very important to promote your website on search engines. The principle is simple: post the link of your website on other websites. It helps to increase your visibility and to have a better link juice.

Above all, give priority to backlinks from well-known websites to your target market rather than increase the number of backlinks from medium-quality websites. Usually, after publishing your content on other websites, the majority of backlinks will index naturally and quickly. There is a possibility to index naturally over time or point links at specific targets you’d like to index/power up immediately. Google Search Console allows making the indexation faster in order to not wait for crawlers.

However, having 10 links from a single source site will not bring better results. The main point is to contact different websites related to your topic and to post an article or a link leading to your website.

Backlinks can be acquired naturally or by using different tools. PrFlare is a useful tool to promote your website on the Web and increase your visibility. The database of more than 20,000 websites is full of good-quality websites ready to publish your content. All you need to do is to choose the relevant websites from PrFlare’s database and to make your order!
Work on your content strategy
What interests Google is providing content from the best websites to Google’s users. The more clearly your site explains the content of its pages, the more grain to grind. All content you have on your website has to be optimized with specific keywords and structured with appropriate headings.

Define your target audience, plan your content line, try to think about what users you want to attract are searching for on the Internet. What are the most popular questions about your activity? Is there a possibility to write a white paper?

Things you have to remember:
segment all the topics you want to publish on your website,
organize the information following the human logic,
one page = one specific topic = few thematic keywords,
vary the formats of your content: articles, investigations, white papers, photos, tutorials, testimonials.

Also, it’s useful to now only feed your website with good content but also to publish good quality content about your business on other websites. This method of working is called outreach marketing. In addition to classical content marketing, outreach marketing is a useful tool to increase your visibility on the Web and to attract new traffic to your website.

To know exactly how to promote your website with outreach marketing methods, check out the PrFlare tool and know-how to develop an efficient outreach strategy!

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