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How To Find A Good Rehab Center

Credentials and licenses help check if the people who provide drug recovery programs and services fulfill nationally accepted professional practice standards.

Drug and abuse or addiction are genuinely heinous disorders that destroy lives and families. Fortunately, there are thousands of treatment centers across the United States dedicated to getting individuals in need on the road to recovery and keeping them there.

However, before admitting to any random residence to waste money and time, you must know some ways to choose the best rehab centers. To help you with this, we have engineered the qualifications below.

Look for Accreditation, Licenses, and Certifications

The Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), nonprofit, independent organizations, certify reputable drug rehab institutions and programs. They base accreditation on industry performance requirements, demonstrable outcomes, quality, and value.

Besides, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) also endorse LegitScript certification that Rehab in Fresno has boasts of. This helps anyone ensure that the institution is legitimate or offers quality treatment programs.

Check if Clinical Staffs Possess Credentials and Licenses

Credentials and licenses help check if the people who provide drug recovery programs and services fulfill nationally accepted professional practice standards. Clinical professionals who are not licensed or accredited may lack the knowledge and experience to deliver the best practical care.

You can identify the rehab experts or practitioners holding specific certifications such as LADC (Licensed and Drug Counselor), CAC (Certified Addictions Counselor), LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), or CCDP (Certified Co-occurring Disorders Counselor).

Rehab Center Should have a Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

To address all parts of the disease—mind, body, and spirit—there may need top-quality inpatient substance abuse treatment programs to employ a multidisciplinary care team. Your rehabilitation program should also include various professionals collaborating to develop a tailored treatment strategy. All team members must have a license to practice in their respective fields. Be alert if a single employee wears multiple hats.

A multidisciplinary treatment team often consists of the following individuals:

  • Chemical dependency counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Wellness specialist
  • Spiritual care counselor
  • Medical doctor
  • Nurse
  • Psychiatrist

What are Mental Health Services and Specialized Programs

Many persons addicted to or drugs also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. An accurate dual diagnosis is required to deliver the appropriate treatment in such a case.

If an addiction treatment program does not offer mental health treatments, inquire about how these services are integrated with other community providers.

For example, Rehab in California offers wide range of detox treatments, holistic therapies and executive programs to promote quick recovery from addiction.

Quality treatment providers do not give care in a cookie-cutter fashion. So, you need to find rehab facilities that provide personalized and tailored care with gender-specific programs, targeted treatment for youth, young adults, or other specific demographics or other sorts of specialist rehab. Many subjects mentioned during rehabilitation can be challenging to discuss in mixed groups.

Treatment Success Rate and Insurance can Ensure the Trust

Rehab providers do not measure treatment results frequently or measure inconsistently. Even the notion of “treatment success” varies as per providers. Be careful of treatment centers that promise to have “the cure” or a 100% success record. The information should be gathered through research-based procedures or published in peer-reviewed journals if rehab success rates are mentioned.

Treatment for substance misuse can be costly, so look for rehab centers that accept your insurance. Being in-network also signifies that the program has met the insurance companies’ quality standards. Many treatment providers claim they “work with your insurance,” but this does not imply that they are in-network when checked. If anything comes as a doubt, you can contact your insurance company.

Enquire If There Are Medical Detox or Medication-assisted Therapies

Before entering a treatment program, your hospital or health care clinic can give medical detoxification services, but going through medical detox on-site allows you to begin the rehab process simultaneously.

So, a detox unit’s medical team should include nurses and physicians with experience in minimizing the agony of or drug withdrawal and reducing drug cravings. Physical health monitoring is an essential aspect of the healing process.

How Longer Rehab Programs are

Rather than a set number of days, the length of time spent in treatment is best determined by your development. Some substance misuse treatment programs provide an estimated time frame; however, if progress is not made within that time, the amount of time in treatment can be prolonged.

Thus, you need to look for programs smartly that offer different stages of rehabilitation so that as you progress, you can move into a less intensive level of care.

Do They Have Post-treatment Recovery Support

Addiction treatment is usually accompanied by a high level of therapeutic attention and support. When drug rehab is over, and you’re on your own, it’s critical to have a support structure to prevent relapse.

So, you can expect the Post-treatment offerings at high-quality treatment centers to include phone-based counseling, applications to build and deepen recovery, continuing care groups, and other resources and support.


Besides, other factors such as amenities, location, and cost may help you get the rehab centers based on your comfort and addiction level. You may also decide on the rehab centers based on the forms of rehab, for example, inpatient or outpatient, along with the help of family support.

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