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How to choose the best quality acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheet, often also referred to as plexiglass sheet, is one of the world’s most common synthetic materials available, is widely used in a variety of different applications across industries including point-of-purchase displays, windows, signage, picture frames, furniture, and aquariums, etc. Acrylic sheet has become a household name for residential, commercial, and also industrial purposes. As acrylic sheets manufacturers indicate, this versatile material has so many distinct advantages such as easy to fabricate, easy to shape, easy to clean, easy to maintain, easier for machining, lighter than glass, stronger than glass, highly transparent, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, impact-resistant, and insulating property. In addition, the acrylic sheet has good surface hardness and luster and can be made into various products as needed. It’s light and cheap, so it has become the choice of many consumers.

So how to choose high-quality acrylic sheets has become such a big problem for many advertisers. It is important to choose the right acrylic sheet for your project. The best acrylic sheet usually comes from a manufacturer that has a good reputation in quality control and also has good customer service. If you have any questions about the acrylic material you are using, ask us first before buying it.

Important factors

When choosing acrylic sheets for your demands, there are many factors to consider, and quality should be your top priority. The best quality acrylic sheet is made of clear, shatterproof material and is resistant to weathering and aging. Its thickness is an essential factor to consider when calculating impact resistance, as thicker sheets offer more strength and durability. Acrylic sheet manufacturers suggest you choose a thickness that is appropriate for your application. The color of the acrylic sheet also plays a key role in its appearance and how it interacts with light. The clearest acrylic sheets, known as “Type 1” sheets, are preferred for applications such as signage and window displays where transparency is important. The clarity of the acrylic sheet is another important factor that should be considered. Finally, price is another important consideration when purchasing acrylic sheets. While quality should always be a top priority, it is important to find a sheet that fits within your budget. Here HSQY PLASTIC GROUP provides some easy identification methods for choosing the right acrylic sheet, although there could be multiple ways on how an acrylic sheet is identified.

Identification methods

Acrylic sheets have no specific technical characteristics and therefore, there are no fixed standards for their identification. Identification of high-quality acrylic sheets cannot be done by eye, and it should be done by measurement. Using a laser level or a pointer will not give you enough information to identify the highest quality acrylic sheet. Identification of acrylic sheets can be done using various methods. The most common identification methods are listed as follows.

1. Light transmittance

High-quality China acrylic sheet has pure white refracted ray if exposed to white light and relatively higher transmittance, while poor-quality one has yellow or blue refracted ray. The qualified acrylic sheet has pure color, but the poor-quality sheet is yellowish. The quality of acrylic sheets is determined by their transparency and color. Acrylic sheet manufacturers find The higher the transparency, the better the quality. The pure white refracted ray indicates that the acrylic sheet is made of high-quality acrylic. The yellow or blue refracted ray indicates that the acrylic sheet is made of low-quality acrylic.

2. Thickness

One of the most important properties of acrylic sheets is the thickness, so acrylic sheets manufacturers suggest that you must know clearly the thickness required and check if the thickness meets your requirements before buying. A common way of identifying quality acrylic sheets is by measuring their thickness. However, the thickness measurement won’t tell you much about the quality of the sheet. The difference between quality acrylic sheets and cheap acrylic sheets may be very subtle. High-quality acrylic sheets have excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance performance, so there’s no irritating smell when cutting, but poor quality sheet surface is easy to scratch and generates an irritating smell when cutting.

3. Burning test

High-quality acrylic will not burn easily or produce any unpleasant smell during processing. Subpar acrylic may be produced with impurities that will burn or cause unwanted smells. During the process of thermoforming heating, qualified China acrylic sheets will not produce bubbles or deformation, while the poor quality sheet is easy to produce bubbles or deformation.

4. Baking test

A high-quality acrylic blister word production sheet that is baked soft can be separated even after being pasted, while poor quality material is very difficult to separate. A high-quality acrylic sheet has strong and lasting adaptability to paint and ink, while a poor-quality acrylic sheet is very sensitive to paint and ink and easy to produce crazes or cracks.

5. Soft rubber edge

To prevent rubbing, new qualified acrylic sheets usually are packaged with soft rubber edges. On the contrary, recycled acrylic sheets usually are not packaged with soft rubber edges, because recycled acrylic sheets usually have more scratches on their surfaces. So you can identify whether the acrylic sheet is a high-quality one or a recycled one by observing whether the acrylic sheet is packaged with soft rubber edges.

6. Quality comparison

While you can find many manufacturers and suppliers that can offer you the best acrylic sheets, you must focus on the quality. Qualified acrylic sheet manufacturers usually provide samples and actual products, so you can analyze the properties including color to determine the quality, and then choose the high-quality acrylic sheet.

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