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How Reliable Is Cloud Computing?

The majority of cloud security accidents occur due to misconfigured resources, phishing, and unsecured personal devices. All this is hardly the fault of cloud computing. 

Cloud computing has become the preferred solution for millions of businesses and individuals worldwide. Cloud computing is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. However, is it reliable enough for performance, connectivity, and security? And what can you do to improve cloud computing reliability?

Before answering these questions, let’s consider the assumption that cloud computing is scalable, reliable, and cost-effective in most cases. Today, it’s hard to imagine any other infrastructure that is more popular in the IT infrastructure than cloud computing. Hardly anyone can argue that cloud computing is the most flexible and scalable solution for business and personal needs. However, the cloud is not necessarily cost-effective.

Companies can save a lot of money not only because of its pay-only-what-you-pay-for nature but also due to increased productivity that allows you to move faster to market and lessen staff costs. When moving to the cloud, it’s vital for businesses to modify certain processes to be able to achieve the desired cost savings.

How reliable is cloud computing?

Cloud computing has many benefits, including performance, connectivity, and security. However, it’s fair to say that sometimes there can be issues with cloud computing performance. There are different issues one can experience periodically, Some are attributed to cloud computing in general, and others can be attributed to cloud service users. Whatever the problem is, there is always a way to fix it, provided that you know the cause.

Cloud has a multi-tenanted environment, meaning that multiple applications and data are stored on a single infrastructure. If one application or virtual machine uses the most shared resources, it can slow down the network performance. Whenever you notice a performance issue, you can move the asset to another Availability Zone in which the asset is installed directly on hardware rather than within a host ecosystem.

The reliability of cloud computing security

Some organizations perceive that cloud computing could be more secure than other solutions. However, it should be noted that cloud computing is more secure than most on-premises systems. Many IT security experts agree that the data location doesn’t matter much. The possibility to control its accessibility is way more important. The majority of cloud security accidents occur due to misconfigured resources, phishing, and unsecured personal devices. All this is hardly the fault of cloud computing.

Cloud computing reliability can be improved at the user level. Companies can optimize underperforming assets or move them to “quieter” neighborhoods and spread assets among multiple cloud service providers. Such actions require time and organization. Whenever you need help getting files off My Cloud drive , Western Digital’s services will help you analyze and manage your inventory performance and security.

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