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How Much YouTube Pays for 1 Million Views in India – BYTS

Mumbai, India — Everyone is well aware of YouTube, but it is pretty interesting to know about the pay scale or the number of money YouTubers gets for having 1 million views in India on their YouTube videos. So let’s get in deep about this. YouTube pays as per the category of your channel, and different channels get different amounts from YouTube depending on the topics they discuss in their videos. So how much should you expect to make for one million views on YouTube? On average, around 40,000 rupees is the general average across all YouTubers that you can expect to make if they get a million views on YouTube.

As in India, YouTube pays 40 rupees on thousand views, which is 400 for 10,000 views and 4000 on 1 lakh views. It all depends upon the RPM, that is, Revenue per minute.

How does youtube pay the content creators?

So what changes are required to increase your YouTube revenue? When we begin even deeper into two different categories across YouTube to see a more detailed breakdown, you can compare various YouTube channels and examine the channels in the money-making; for example, a channel dealing with educational and knowledge-based content would have more views on YouTube as compared to channel on the lower of the list like beauty or vlogging channels.

So if you are new to YouTube and are deciding what to base your channel on, you might want to use the list of guides to decide the topics. If you’re going to learn precisely what you need to get paid on YouTube so, get your channel to the point where YouTube actually will authorize you to receive money, as it is essential to know the strategy behind getting paid on YouTube.

How to get Monetized on YouTube?

There are many different factors rather than views that determine your revenue. Several things influence these static, including the nature of your video and target demography, how frequently you post, and so on. In India, a YouTuber earns between 7,000 and 30,000 per million views on average also the earnings vary from channels and the niches in which they create content.

So many things have been playing a crucial factor in which the videos on YouTube generate money, affecting the revenue.

  • The very first is the audience who is watching your videos; a YouTuber should produce videos that are suitable for their targeting audience. So a YouTuber should have a targeting audience that will get attracted towards his order video very wisely; this will also help in increasing the total number of subscribers and the views at the exact times, helping to boost the income from YouTube for the Youtuber.
  • The next thing that is one of the most determining factors for revenue-generating on YouTube is the content that appeals to the advertiser, the content that is pretty easy two promote, helping decide the revenue from YouTube that, means YouTuber can make the video ad-friendly and the videos are made in such a way that it will attract the advertisers. They want your material as an appropriate place to target the view words of your content.
  • The next thing is the watch time; this is the total number of minutes or the whole time that your viewers devote to your videos; watching them eventually helps you in earning more money through YouTube as sometimes the longer videos allow you to include multiple advertisements in your video and it will also help in increasing your earning.
  • The other important thing in your revenue generation is the location from which your viewers are watching your content.

YouTube pay scale for 1 Million Views

There are multiple factors combined that are the influencing factor behind the monetizing stats of your YouTube inactive, the nature of your videos and the targeted audience, and the most important thing how often you post to and depending upon this channel, very it’s the amount of money on their mission, for example, are YouTuber uploading funny content me on up to 22,000 to 30,000 per million views. Still, at the same time, all Youtuber posting music or field videos can make up to 7,000 to 11,000 per million views niches like technology and roasting also answer the healthy amount of money from YouTube around 7,000 to 30,000 rupees per million views, all the earnings are estimated, and the actual results may vary depending upon the variables on which YouTube income is being decided.

Getting paid on YouTube

Once you meet the revenue-generating criteria of YouTube, then you can start earning from youtube; well should have a minimum of thousand subscribers with a healthy number of views on channels along with 4000 watch hours within 12 months and must follow a few tips terms and condition of the services and the rules of YouTube and should be used and make advertiser-friendly content to earn a good amount of money there is also an alternate option from earning through youtube that is going with the YouTube partner program it will help you gain from better ways. It will keep you boosted to follow YouTube as an income source and a full-time career.

Also, a person cannot get automatically paid on YouTube; the person who is uploading the video should have turned on the monetization settings from their particular account and should follow all the terms of services focusing on the content quality and precisely to the targeted audience for gaining a good amount of views and making your view count to 1 million very soon at a good place and earning a good amount of money from YouTube.


Getting 1 million views on YouTube is not up very tough task all it requires is a quality of mind to create content that will attract the audience to the whole list level and should be aware of all the YouTube terms and conditions. The patients are the key along with all these factors, and with all these things, you will start generating more views on YouTube and will reach soon to one million views and get a good amount of money from YouTube.

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