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How Motionify, India’s Leading Video Production Agency, Is Revolutionizing The Industry

In a world where attention spans are decreasing drastically and the patience to read is going down faster than ever before, businesses are increasingly looking towards the audio-visual medium to convey their pitch and present their products to prospective customers. We at Motionify have taken it upon ourselves to provide today’s businesses with the options they need to exploit the audio-visual medium to its fullest potential for growth.

Motionify is a one-stop shop for anyone who wishes to express a concept or prepare a sales pitch in video format. Be it explainer videos, which give a client an overview of the services a small local business offers, to walkthroughs, which give an up close and inside view of a property an elite real estate firm is trying to sell, Motionify can deliver the most visually pleasing and informative product. We specialize in the production of promotional videos and commercials, which present your product in the best light, highlight its qualities, and nudge the viewer to try it in the most convincing yet subtle manner. We are experts at using animation to explain a new product or service and drive home a sales pitch with it.

Motionify believes viewers will likely watch promotional videos if they are made well.

As an experienced agency, which has worked in this field for years, we emphasize creativity and production. Creativity thrives at Motionify. We have the best team of industry specialists in using creativity, be it in preparing video concepts, writing scripts and dialogues or selecting backgrounds, locations and props. Motionify pays special attention to creativity as it is the backbone of our video production and goes a long way in simultaneously making it visually appealing and believable, qualities important to our clients.

As a production house, we also bring to the table the best production and post-production team in the industry, with leading names in the world of cinematography, animation, visual effects, sound technology and editing working under the Motionify banner. These exceptional individuals work as a team to deliver viewers a scintillating visual and audio experience. Motionify’s thoughtful concepts, effortless presentation and convincing production, enhanced by the brilliant quality, can put your video pitch ahead of anything your competitors have.

Motionify also brings experience working with a diverse set of partners and clients. It has worked in niches like healthcare, wellness, real estate, manufacturing, oil and gas, robotics, infrastructure, education, automotive, logistics, food, cosmetics, information technology etc. This has given Motionify the experience and market knowledge to thoroughly understand the needs of its diverse clients and deliver video solutions tailored to their needs. Such diverse experience has also made Motionify sensitive to the expectations of its clients.

We work with our clients to realize their dream by translating their thoughts into visuals. With our storyboard process, we grasp the ideas a client has into actionable ideas. Motionify’s ingenious writers and thinkers give those ideas wings with intense scripts and splendid dialogues that add life to a video product. Captivating animation and a charismatic voice pitch a product or service or present a concept in the most enchanting way to the viewer.

The best part about Motionify is that everything, from ideas to writing and production, is taken care of under one roof, making it easy for those seeking audio-visual business solutions for the first time. It helps Motionify achieve its aim of giving as little trouble to its clients as possible and delivering quality work at as little cost as possible. Both these factors allow our clients to focus on what matters — making their clients, who will consume our production, happy.

Consistent delivery of such good quality work has allowed Motionify to emerge as one of best video production companies in India. Today, it is also counted as the best video promotional company in India and the best animated explainer video company in India. These achievements have positioned Motionify as a leading explainer video company in India over the last few years, miles ahead of its competitors in the audio visual industry.

Motionify’s work has been noticed, discussed and awarded around the world. The work has been recognized on various elite platforms, including the prestigious Clutch Awards in 2022, where Motionify emerged as the top B2B company in the creative and design categories. It is now ranked second in the top 100 video production companies. It has been ranked sixth among India’s top 100 interview and testimonial production companies.

With its revolutionary work, Motionify has consistently and single-handedly set new standards in the video production industry, taking it to a new level altogether. Its unique and innovative ideas have shaped the industry and prepared for a better and brighter future.

As the demand for audio-visual products grows, Motionify has remained at the forefront of investment in human resources, processes, technology and innovation, including augmented reality, to devise new ways to make the medium more impactful and convincing.

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