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How Joseph Yonke Discovered His Unique Art Style and Who Inspires Him to Build a Legacy

How Joseph Yonke Discovered His Unique Art Style and Who Inspires Him to Build a Legacy

Continuing a legacy may sound like a heavy responsibility to some, but Joseph Yonke considers it one of his life’s greatest honors. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, the artist is growing his career in the art world. 

“I have been painting my whole life, and I was initially introduced to art at a very young age by my grandfather, artist Robert Yonke. Since then, art has become a large part of who I am. The style that defines my work today was developed over the years of lessons and mentoring from him.” said the artist.

The younger Yonke also shared many fond memories he had with his grandfather, who indeed played an instrumental role in molding him to be where he is today. 

“Around the age of 15, I began selling my work and have recently been investing a significant amount of my time into painting.” However, for over a year now, Joseph Yonke has fully dedicated himself to the craft. Over this span of time, Yonke has completed around 40 works of art, sold many of them, and hosted his first solo art show in Pittsburgh. His collector base has also grown significantly as his career progresses in the art industry, and he has gained the support of many art enthusiasts and patrons. The artist further revealed that he had been invited to an art exhibition to be held in Venice, Italy, adding to the many milestones he has already accomplished.

“The style that I have developed differentiates me from the rest, and each hour I dedicate to my craft, the more this is true.” The artist said, “My work speaks for itself, and it seems like many agree with that notion. Obviously, I have a long way to go, but considering all of the time I have to develop ahead of me is quite reassuring.”

Despite the tough competition in the art world, Joseph Yonke believes he has what it takes to rise to the top through calculated hard work and relentlessness. He understands both the artistic and the business side of the industry, making him truly one to watch. Inspired by his grandfather, the artist aims to continue building his brand like one would build a legacy that would remain impactful for generations to come.

“Seeing all of the hard work that my grandfather has put into his career, inside and outside of the art world, is inspiring and has led me to follow in his footsteps to the best of my ability,” Joseph Yonke said. 

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