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How High-End Brands Can Profit From Gold and Silver-Backed NFTs

When it comes to NFTs, it’s difficult to go a day without hearing about them. Luxury fashion firms have taken notice of NFTs because of their enormous potential and what appears to be an infinite number of new prospects for the future of digital identity.

Italian designer brand Dolce & Gabbana has announced a profitable NFT sale. Collezione Genesi, launched a hybrid physical/NFT model that brought in more than $6 million, consisting of nine components. Dolce & Gabbana made five of the collection’s items old-fashioned, then had UNXD turn them into animated digital equivalents, bridging the physical and metaphysical components of fashion. To appeal to a more typical high-fashion customer, buyers purchased the physical object and the NFT combined.

This illustrates the original concept of NFTs as collectibles whose value is based on the minter’s guarantee of exclusivity. It is possible to look at and download all of these things on the internet. Still, the collectible NFTs attached to them and put into the blockchain are unique and only issued once by the leading houses, thereby guaranteeing exclusivity and implying a gain in value. However, high-fashion and sneakerhead buyers are also looking for the additional utility of new use cases linked to their NFT holdings.

These examples demonstrate the value that metaverse-based digital products may add to luxury brands. Another reason that luxury items attract such attention is the craftsmanship and quality of the material. Since ancient times, gold and silver have been connected with money and the display or store of wealth.

Since time immemorial, our attitude to gold and silver has been inexplicable. Of the 118 elements in the periodic table, both metals are chemically boring and have few special qualities other than innate stability. And yet they’re the metal that humans have used for personal adornment and currency for the last 5,000 years. Why? They’re valuable. They’re also storied, scarce and special, exactly like every luxury brand. We are not taught that gold is valuable, it’s intuitive.

These qualities undoubtedly need to be translated into the digital world. Gold and silver belong in the future, and fully-backed NFTs are the new standard of luxury taking them there. Both ‘noble’ metals qualities are not going away with digital goods, thanks to Gold & Silver Standard. Gold & Silver Standard offers fully-backed digital assets, meaning that real gold and silver can be attached to a digital luxury good.

Each NFT securely holds Gold Standard and Silver Standard tokens. Each token is fully backed by physical gold and silver serialised bullion bars. The tokens are also supplied with a warranty that guarantees to the NFT’s owner that “All legal title to the Bullion is held by the Token Holder”

Creators can now instantly improve the value and credibility of a collection by adding gold and silver to their own branded NFTs. This implies that brands, corporations, teams, and indeed anybody can develop NFTs backed by gold and silver. Gold & Silver Standard NFTs are ideal for anybody seeking a seamless blend of rare collectible goods, ultimate luxury and the bragging rights of owning gold.

The Gold & Silver Standard was created by Ainslie Bullion, Australia’s top bullion and cryptocurrency dealer, formed in 1974 – making them a trusted entity in the space. Ainslie’s goal was to bring the worlds of precious metals and cryptocurrencies together accurately, directly, and robustly.

So, ask yourself, would you want to own digital luxury goods which aren’t linked to any tangible status or wealth? In a digital world with no promises of exclusivity, gold and silver are the perfect solutions to provide scarcity, wealth and prestige.

Gold & Silver Standard

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