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How Fashion Influencer Mamissa Mboob AKA TheColourMeMam is influencing women to wear more colour

How Fashion Influencer Mamissa Mboob AKA TheColourMeMam is influencing women to wear more colour

“Mamissa Mboob, known as The ColourMeMam”
Mamissa Mboob AKA TheColourMeMam tells women to stand out

Mamissa Mboob AKA TheColourMeMam is Switzerland’s largest and most successful black influencer boasting of more than 120,000 followers.  Based in Geneva, She has collaborated with numerous influential brands in Switzerland, the US and other parts of Europe. Called the Queen of Colour, she is one of very few unique fashion influencers that blogs about colourful fashion. She encourages women to “be bold, be fierce and to stand out!”. Mamissa says, “Often times, women are made to feel that they should be temper down their personalities, or wear less bright clothes or be more quiet. I say NO to this, be whoever you want to be, be brave and wear that bold purple suit if you want to and do it with confidence. When you don’t doubt yourself, then no one will ever dare to doubt you.”

Thecolourmemam represents a confident woman who stands up for herself and others, who is ready to break boundaries and who is not afraid to stand out. And she hopes that through her instagram page filled with bold and eclectic colours, she will motivate women to feel and do the same! Mamissa says, “What I realized is that people like my blog because it’s different, and the fashion that I showcase is not what they would necessarily wear. I think a lot of people might think that they can’t wear bright and bold clothes, but I think that my blog gives people the hope and the confidence to think that they can also make fierce fashion choices!

Mamissa’s instagram page is inspired by her cultural background. Although, she has lived in Switzerland for 13 years, she is originally from the smallest country in West Africa, The Gambia. She tells our journalist Noelle,  ‘In West Africa, if you’re not standing out with some colour to your outfit, there’s something wrong with you! I guess that’s the cultural part I bring to my looks and to my audience. In Switzerland, in particular, most people wear neutrals. I like to think that I bring a breath of fresh air and some diversity to Swiss culture”.

Mamissa has not always been a blogger. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Operational Research at the London School of Economics and her Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law at the University of New Hampshire. Since then she worked for the Gambia Government heading the trade division and at the United Nations in Geneva for 12 years. She says, “I have always had a two sided personality. The one side is intellectual, as a manager and as a humanitarian to the United Nations. Then there is another side of me, the creative part of me that is very much interested in entertainment, acting, and fashion. There’s always been that clash in my personality even growing up, but I have been able to find that perfect balance of being a humanitarian and yet still be a content creator.

Mamissa concludes with, ‘Never let anyone bring you down or make you feel less worthy. You are beautiful and phenomenal. Now go buy and wear that pink suit that you been eyeing. And do it with confidence!”

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