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How Domespaces Have Become the Alternative to the Housing Crisis and Inflation

Domespaces Offers an EcoFriendly and Cost Friendly Option

Domes are a hot topic right now as the word ‘Domespaces’ has spiked as a searched keyword globally. As glamping is now a thing and people want to camp in comfort, more of us are turning to domes as an alternative to old school methods of pitching a tent. They are also extremely cool, futuristic looking and Instagrammable for photos. Domespaces occupy 30% less surface area and energy than traditional buildings, optimizing natural light. Domes are the new alternative to living, camping, glamping, while even educational, recreational, and hospitality companies are switching up. With a tiny footprint and being environmentally-friendly structures, they also have the affordability factor in a world full of high-priced housing.

Other effective options are Yurtspaces and Tentspaces. Used by artisans worldwide, yurts and tents have been living structures for centuries. Now, you can find them at glamping events, learning centers, exercise rooms and are custom-made, helping the world conquer homelessness.

Barry Sendach, CEO of Dyester Corp says, “Our company has even gotten creative with container structures. Converting containers to living structures helps recycle the world’s abundance of containers. Shipping containers help people by providing low-cost housing in a high-cost housing world, while also saving the planet.”

More about Dyester Corp Inc. –

Headquartered in Boca Raton FL USA since 2007, Dyester Corp is a leading brand selling outdoor lifestyle products under Domespaces®, Yurtspaces, Tentspaces, and Moduspaces brands, which are primarily used in outdoor recreation and lifestyle activities. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, small corporations, educational facilities, government installations, sports, fitness and yoga companies.

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Company Name: Dyester Corp Inc
Contact Person: Katherine Fleischman
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Phone: 3054905911
Country: United States

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