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How BruntWork helps advertisers make the most of Google’s $150 billion advertising business

Alphabet’s market capitalization of over $1.5 trillion making it one of the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world, trailing only Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Alphabet is the holding company of Google, whose main business is online advertising. In 2020, Alphabet generated almost $183 billion in revenue. Of that, $147 billion — over 80% — came from Google’s ads business, according to the company’s 2020 annual report.

Google has been the market leader in online advertising for well over a decade and is expected to command nearly a 29% share of digital ad spending globally in 2021, according to eMarketer. Number-two Facebook is expected to capture less than 24%, while Alibaba is projected to be a distant third, with less than 9%.

Advertisers using Google products can bid on search keywords — specific words and phrases that lead their ads to show up to relevant users in search results. The interface is complex however, and many smaller advertisers complain about it’s lack of user interface design and how quickly it can gobble up a small advertising budget.

Agencies have built a whole ecosystem on top of Google Ads, but are guilty of overcharging and under delivering. The typical agency charges a monthly fee and retainer, which in the case of larger accounts can be especially lucrative for agencies, but add another layer of cost to companies looking to generate return on investment on their ad spend.

BruntWork is an outsourcing agency with outstanding Google Ads capability. When Google closed down it’s office in the Philippines, BruntWork hired many of its top Google Ad executives and offers Google Ad management services that are akin to having a Google Ads account managed by Google itself.

The other benefit that BruntWork brings to the table is affordability. Unlike traditional agencies, they charge an hourly rate which is up to 70% cheaper than their competitors. Accordingly they have won many enterprise clients, including listed companies and enterprises that generate sales in excess of $500m annually.

SMEs are also a focus for BruntWork. With their proven track record of driving down cost per lead and sale, they have won countless clients across all industries. BruntWork prides itself on feeling like an extension of your business. They spend the time to cultivate a deep understanding of the drivers of business to ensure that businesses of all size utilise the Google Ads platform to the best of its ability, no matter the size of a company’s budget.

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