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How Beginners Can Learn Crypto in Just 15 Days

There’s never been an easier way to learn Crypto as a beginner and becoming a Pro – Cryptonera is revolutionising the education in the Crypto world through their new online trading course and extensive tutorial lessons.

2021 saw the crypto market reach a market cap of $3 trillion and go from something traditional financial institutions dismissed to serious business. Bitcoin became legal tender in one nation, the first bitcoin ETF was launched, and even big names like Goldman Sachs began crypto trading. Unfortunately, that hasn’t made it any easier for the average person to get involved. 

It’s not hard to find information about cryptocurrencies — heading to TikTok or making a Google search will yield thousands (or millions) of results. But in this largely unregulated and misunderstood world, it’s never been harder to know who to trust. There’s not exactly a Cryptocurrency BSc to study or a BBC journalist recommending trading strategies, so sites like Cryptonera sure bridge the gap.

Cryptonera: A Background

Unlike many platforms in the crypto sphere, Cryptonera didn’t spring up out of nowhere claiming to be the product of a crypto-trading multimillionaire. For one, it was launched all the way back in 2017. The team behind it is a group of London-based investment bankers and professionals with a combined 30+ years of experience in the field.

The motivation behind it? There’s a real lack of reliable information about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, especially for those who don’t have the funds or time to go through lots of trial and error.

Cryptonera gives students the resources they need to become successful traders — and perhaps even more importantly, independent traders. It doesn’t handle their investments for them and make them dependent customers; instead, it gives them the tools they need to flourish.

If the traction Cryptonera has gained is anything to go by, there’s been no shortage of demand. The platform gained more than 800 students between 2017 and 2020, and after that, growth became exponential. More than 300 students enrolled in 2021 alone, from students spanning 25+ countries. Cryptonera also boasts 26,000+ Instagram followers and 1,500+ active members on its Discord servers — and these numbers increase every day.

But now, it’s taking things to the next level.

The launch of Cryptonera Pro

After establishing itself in the market as an educational resource and platform, Cryptonera has launched a course for those who are serious about delving further into the crypto market: Cryptonera Pro. It’s the most intense course in the market and aims to talk students through crypto investing from the beginning right to the end. People of all levels of experience (including complete newbies) can learn, practice, and become seasoned traders in almost no time.

That might sound like a tall claim, but 18 of its students went on to become millionaires in 2021.

18 months of hard work went into producing the course, but users can complete it in a matter of weeks. It contains 125 educational video tutorials broken down into concise explanations that go from the building blocks of crypto to practical ways of making money. Other topics include, but are not limited to, NFTs, blockchain, DeFi, staking, and airdrops.

As well as videos, students can access updated news and analysis, plus support from a large team and community of crypto experts. Their knowledge of the crypto market allows them to spot promising projects early on — students have previously benefitted from more than 100x gains on Solana, 30x on Harmony, and 25x on Ethereum.

What more could a trader need to stay ahead of the market?

Vision for the future

Cryptonera has already achieved its fair share of success. It hasn’t just gained high numbers of members and impressive social growth — these members have gone on to achieve their own wins, which is a testament to Cryptonera’s success as an educational resource. “I no longer work at Wendy’s, and I can dedicate full-time to my studies because income is no longer a problem,” says Master’s student Jeremy Masons.

With the rapid development of education and how we learn, in 2022, impressive-sounding qualifications are no longer returning the results many people expect. In the UK, the unemployment rate for recent graduates is 6.3% — the highest it’s been since 2012. While being a graduate might mean you earn more than someone with no degree, it probably won’t be enough to join the 1% or become a millionaire. But a crypto trading course like Cryptonera Pro enables you to begin earning instantly, with a six-figure (or even seven-figure) salary suddenly a possibility.

So, where does Cryptonera go from here? The team hopes to expand the project further to reach even more people and maximize its impact. The launch of Cryptonera Pro is a major part of this, but more is to come.

“We had one goal, and that’s to make Crypto easy, simple, and available for all to learn,” says the founder. “With the team we have built, and with our resources, we are very excited to know that we WILL achieve our goals and become highly successful in our mission.”

Try it out:

Crypto isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but the opportunities to get involved early and secure a slice of the pie won’t be around forever.

Anyone who’s been kicking themselves for missing out on the opportunities cryptocurrency offers for the last few years, can consider this a sign needed to get involved for good. Cryptonera is also well worth considering for those who have lacked the time, money, experience to trade — or those who’ve attempted it previously but have missed out on the best opportunities or even lost money.

Suitable for both complete beginners and those with some experience trading already, it’s an all-in-one platform that gives students everything they need to kickstart a successful crypto trading career. Why not check out the Cryptonera Pro Trading Course for yourself?

Disclaimer: Cryptonera isn’t a regulated body or a financial advisor and doesn’t share financial advice. Rather, it’s an educational provider. 

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