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How Autistalline Sensory Overload Glasses Help Autistic Anxiety Symptoms Release

Autistalline launches world’s first sensory overload glasses. It’s designed to block a combination of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), helping people with autism focus better

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disabilities characterized by an over or under-stimulation of the senses. People with autism typically have difficulties concentrating on their tasks because of a hypersensitivity to sound and light, causing sensory overload.

With the newly launched glasses, users can better manage the sensory outputs they receive, consequently reducing the stress and anxiety they feel and lessening the chances of meltdowns. Autistaline’s goal is to give away 1 million free pairs of Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses in 2022.

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Autistalline is the result of years of research and scientific studies. The company explains that most people on the autism spectrum have difficulties processing sensory information. This results in behavioral disturbances such as anxiety, stress, and anger when faced with sudden, unpredictable sounds. These signs of distress are what experts call part of the “rumble stage”, which precedes full meltdowns that can include tantrums, shouting, and even self-harm.

Autistalline glasses block frequencies within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), altering the electrical impulses that are dispersed in the brain. The changed electrical signal triggers a series of brain functions resulting in several noticeable benefits such as reduced anxiety, the ability to eat foods that they usually hate, and being less easily startled by sudden sounds, among others.

Josh, a 10-year-old boy with ASD who tested the sensory overload glasses, said that he was able to focus more inside the classroom while wearing his glasses, as he was less distracted by the noise around him.

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He clarifies to his classmates that he is not wearing prescription glasses, but “healthcare glasses” that help autistic kids with sensory overloads like him to remain calm and less anxious. While the color of the glasses he wore for the test was purple, Autistalline says that there will be clear lenses available in the future.

Charlene, the mother of Josh, says, “He was able to self-soothe and calm himself during meltdowns and we were able to deal with day-to-day conflicts in a much calmer manner without significant escalation.”

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