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How Anirudh Kataria (Andrew) is changing Real Estate Market Forever?

Anirudh Kataria (Andrew) and his story of becoming a successfull real estate agent in California.

According to the late American singer, Luther Vandross, “a house is not a home” yet so many real estate professionals and firms completely neglect relationships and community with their clients. The realestate business has been cast aside as predominantly transactional. The bigger the company, the more it just does not make sense for them to focus on their relationships with customers. Anirudh Kataria (Andrew), a young entrepreneur and MD at Real Estate Diary realized this shortcoming at a very young age and decided to build a platform that provides value and client-customer relationships.

Anirudh Kataria focuses on relationships with his high-touch, concierge-focused realestate firm – both with his clients and with the local and international communities. RealEstate Diary is truly one of a kind, offering every service in-house. By following this way Anirudh Kataria was successfully able to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to the clients.

With over $10 million in recovered costs for clients and an excess of $20 billion in closed transactions, Real Estate Diary has become a dominant real estate brokerage firm along with a law firm in the US for clients who crave privacy and ease.

As a licensed real estate consultant, Mr. Anirudh Kataria undertakes realestate brokerage. Apart from that he also creates unique loan programs helping his clients to get their dream homes around California, Bay-Area, Palo-Alto, Concord, San-Francisco, and nearby cities.

Anirudh Kataria left his job after a very successful run when he knew he can add value to other people’s purchases with his expertise. After getting license he started his company. At first, things were challenging but nothing can stop a determined spirit. He was aware of the consequences of starting this journey. He knew very well that it’s a part of the process of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. He didn’t hesitate to put in consistent-time and continuous-efforts which led him to accumulate sales of over $50 million worth of residential realestate. He also achieved great success in property-flipping and wholesaled over 100+ properties at that time.

Growing through failures and glowing through success. Anirudh Kataria has been working his day in and day out on his business. He has always lived with modesty, minimalism, as he believes “less is more”. Living is not only about working hard but living well too and this man proves it with his lifestyle. Working hard, staying-fit, eating right, traveling to places, and happily living with his family are some of the qualities of this young entrepreneur. It is hard to believe that at the age of 29 he has achieved all that one can only desire. From being a true leader to being a successful businessman his journey emboldens many young entrepreneurs. Indeed Anirudh Kataria (Andrew) is the man behind one of the biggest US Real Estate business. He has over 12+ years of experience in the real estate and is an expert in tackling all situations and building good relations, with dedication and with his strong brokerage and refinancing skills.

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Company Name: Real Estate Diary
Contact Person: Anirudh Kataria (Andrew)
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Phone: 662-200-5160
Country: United States

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